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Weekly Wrap Up: Getting back to running after my fall!

on February 2, 2014
This is posting late because I wanted to be sure I actually got today’s run done first. Yay for accountability!
There hasn’t been nearly as much running this week as last week, as I’ve been trying to take it easy after last week’s crash. Even though I was able to get up and keep running for a few miles last Saturday after falling, I noticed on Sunday and Monday that I had some pain along the outside of my  left knee in an area that wasn’t bruised or otherwise obviously injured. Thus just in case I’d injured something, I decided to take this week’s runs very gently and toss the training plan out the window for a week. That makes me nervous this close to the race, but I definitely don’t want to worsen any little injury that may be there! It’s been cold and snowy, so I’ve been on the treadmill. I don’t want to risk slipping again and the treadmill makes it easy to control my pace, so it has been helpful. Plus, who wants to get out in this to run:
Not a ton of snow - just enough to leave icy patches :(

Not a ton of snow – just enough to leave icy patches 😦

I took Sunday and Monday completely off, running for the first time Tuesday afternoon. My plan was to get in at least 3 miles or up to 5 miles, depending on how things feel. I was going to do 0.25 miles walking (17 minute pace) and 0.25 miles jogging (12 minute pace) and stick to alternating those intervals, no matter how good I thought I felt. Let me tell you, that was frustrating! I know it was the safer approach, but it felt very slow. My glutes got really sore with all of that walking, which I was not expecting! I felt some tightness behind my right knee at around mile 3, but that faded and I otherwise felt okay. The pain on the outside my left knee didn’t get any worse, but didn’t get better either. The especially nice part was realizing that this pace, which is a lot slower than I’ve been traveling, was still fast enough to beat the 16 minute mile minimum pace for the race!

Wednesday, I took the day to rest again to be sure I didn’t have any lingering issues after Tuesday’s run. Thursday, I intended to run or cross train but thanks to the stomach issues I’ve had this week (I think due to nerves, like I talked about yesterday), I just wasn’t feeling. I went for a 10 minute walk, but that was it. Friday, I had the same headache and twitchy stomach in the afternoon, so I went with 40 minutes of yoga instead of the run I had planned.

Saturday and Sunday, I hit the treadmill to get 5 miles in, increasing the run intervals to 0.5 miles on Saturday and 0.75 miles on Sunday (with 0.25 miles walking between). Both felt easy and I had absolutely no pain, so I think I’m good to go back to normal next week.  My knee still feels a little sore in the bruised areas and along the outside of my left knee, but nothing feels unstable so I think it’ll all be okay.
Today, for the first time I made sure I put my Feetures socks on the correct feet. Turns out, they have nice built in arch support if you put them on correctly. For some reason, I usually put them on backwards and by the time I notice there is a specific left and right, I’m too lazy to switch them. One would think after months of wearing these socks 3-4 times a week, I’d think about it before I put them on, I know. After looking down at my feet (below) in WW yesterday and seeing that I yet again had them on backwards, I resolved to get it right today even if it meant taking them off to fix them (which I did).

Next week, I’ll be taking on my last long run. I can’t believe the race is almost here! We’ve got snow in the forecast most of the week, so I’ll be doing more running on the treadmill. I feel good about getting my 8, 9 and 10 mile runs all done on the road so I feel okay about this run (10 or 11 miles is my goal) being on the treadmill. On the plus side, it gives me a chance to practice in my official race outfit, which would be impossible given how cold it is out here in comparison to Florida.

It’s the beginning of the month, so I had my official WW weigh in to get my card for free e-tools. It was kind of nice to think about the fact that my next weigh in is going to be after the half marathon. 🙂 I definitely need to be thoughtful about eating well as I get closer to February 23rd!

3 weeks to go!


6 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Getting back to running after my fall!

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better, it sounds like you made just the right choices to ensure you didn’t aggravate that knee! We’re getting more bad weather too with not a warm day in the 10 day forecast, so I’m afraid I will have to do my last longish run on the TM too. I don’t really want to because I wanted to do more interval work, I’ll just have to figure out the settings on my TM and see if I can preset it.

  2. Lauren says:

    I am glad you are feeling better and were able to get back to running this week. I had to laugh a little at the Feetures comment being helpful to put on the right feet :0) It also kind of makes me wonder if my thorlo socks are specific to a certain foot. I think I’ll check on that later today before my run lol. Good luck on your running this week, and that is awesome that your last long run is coming up soon before Princess!!

  3. I’m glad you took it easy after your fall. No sense in overdoing it and risking a serious injury. The smaller snowfall is the worst because of those little icy patches! I had to dodge ice all throughout my run today; probably not smart, but it may be my only outdoor run this week due to snow. I know I would have the same problem if I had those socks! I’m sure they would always end up on the wrong feet. Glad to hear that they work pretty well when they are on the correct feet. 🙂

    • The little snowfall is surprisingly tricky, you’re right! We’re getting around 5 inches from today’s round of snow, so I’m watching out the window to figure out when to leave and avoid the traffic that is sure to be snarling things up today.

      On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 10:42 PM, A Little More Each Day wrote:


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