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Friday Favorites: Tink Recaps & Corrals are out!

on January 31, 2014

I apologize to anyone who isn’t doing runDisney races, because it seems like almost all of my favorite blogs I flagged this week are about Tinkerbell recaps and the Princess Half Marathon (now 3 weeks away!).

First off, two fantastic Tink recaps, that both had me thinking about signing up for Tink for 2015. We always do what I want for Mother’s Day so this might be a good option, right honey? Lauren over at Lauren’s Glass Slipper ran with her husband, dressed as Merida and the bear (Mordu). I am so impressed that she ran the entire half marathon with that giant Merida wig! I love the colors in all of the gorgeous pictures. We’ve never been to Disneyland, but seeing all of the pictures in recaps this week has me looking for a reason to go out to Anaheim. Jodi over at 2princessesontherun also has a fantastic recap up this week and I love that her joy about the experience just jumps off of the page! I really liked her approach to taking pictures of the unique sights, rather than the characters, since I’m not a huge character person. I nearly died laughing at the line about Sleeping Beauty’s castle being Cindy’s guest home!

Two great posts over at We Run Disney this week included my first heads up that the corrals were posted (I’m in H – be sure to come say hi!) and a wonderful post about run/walking races. I do a 0.1 mile walk each mile in my long runs and think it has really helped me avoid injury (aside from my fall). It was psychologically really important to me to run my 10K (other than water stations), but I don’t feel that impetus for the  half marathon and reading about others like Pam and Christine (and Jeff Galloway of course, who qualified for Boston with a run/walk plan) makes me feel good about that plan amidst all of the complaints you see on message boards about people who are walking/taking walk breaks. Just be careful with your walk breaks and don’t cause a pile up for people behind you!

If you follow any health and fitness blogs or Facebook groups, you probably saw the xojane post this week about the girl in tears over the larger African American woman in her yoga class. I read the initial article just thinking that the writer must be incredibly young to still have that kind of naivete and self-importance and was a little sad about the thrashing I knew she would get. Better than the original article, read the response to the article over at BlackGirlsGuideToWeightLoss.com, titled an Open Letter to the XOJane Writer Who Cried About a Black Woman in Her Yoga Class. Race issues aside (not at all to minimize those, but I can’t speak those as well as she does), the part about the original letter that was particularly troubling to me was the section about wishing no one would notice her body, were she this larger girl in yoga class. As a girl who joined a gym at 250 pounds, you already feel like everyone is looking at you and thinking how much  you don’t fit. I really didn’t need some self-described “skinny white girl” (her words, not mine) telling me that if she was me she’d just hope no one looked at me. Ugh.  The Open Letter response addresses that more eloquently that I could, so check it out. One of the most powerful moments during my gym experience was actually having another overweight girl come up to me and tell me that I was an inspiration. I’d noticed her watching me as I worked out with the trainer, over surrounded by all of the buff people and then me. I still felt self-conscious about my loose skin and flab flapping and swinging during some of the moves Christy (my trainer) had me doing, but knowing that I helped this girl feel better about being in that environment herself was very motivating for me.

For a laugh, check out the post from “Mr Lean Green Bean” over at Help, I’m Married To a Blogger! We aren’t at that stage in my house, thankfully, but I loved that he has a sense of humor about the whole life!

Yesterday, I mentioned the importance of being flexible about your meal plan and I took that advice last night. I had a great date night with O. We went out to Kona Grill and I had some sushi. He had grilled cheese with fries and edamame. I felt really gratified by the fact that he loved the edamame, so it wasn’t just fries for dinner. He also inhaled a piece of my crab sashimi and got in some practice with chopsticks. He’s nearly better than I am at chopsticks and managed to feed me an edamame bean with them. Of course, he then followed that up with calling me “Hey Baby”, prompting a discussion about how we don’t say that to our mommies or any women. 🙂 Charmer.


Have a good weekend guys!

6 responses to “Friday Favorites: Tink Recaps & Corrals are out!

  1. So I walked for about a minute each mile today and it REALLY helped my knees. I’m thinking that is going to be my plan for the race, what do you think? Is it too late to change when I’ve been running all this time? I don’t want to do walk intervals too often, one b/c I love to run but mostly b/c I would HATE to get in the groove and then get beeped at to walk. I kind of zone out when I’m running and I think too many intervals would be really frustrating. Walking each mile seemed to help today though and I could feel the muscles release a bit with the walk break. The repetitive nature of running straight through must be part of what is making the knees worse?

    • If it helps your knees, it is certainly worth a try! I like doing the walk each mile because then I don’t have to worry about listening to beeps – when I see the mile marker, walk for a bit. That seems to work a lot better for me! I think stepping back to walk breaks when you haven’t practiced that way is probably okay (especially since you have a little time to practice now) but the opposite (running the whole thing when all you’ve practiced is walk-run) probably wouldn’t work so well! I have a sneaking suspicion that I (and probably you too!) will be so excited that I’ll end up running the first couple of miles before I think to stop to walk. We’ll see! Regardless, we’ve got plenty of time. Are you planning on lots of character pictures? I haven’t decided what I’m doing about that yet.

      • Meh, I’m pretty torn on the pics. I bought a point and shoot just for this, but not really b/c I HAD to have any character photos, I like taking pics of what I’m doing…the course, the entertainment, etc. There don’t seem to be many characters that I feel like I HAVE to stop for. I’m a little interested in the female villains, obviously the castle…not sure about Alice? Men with the glass slipper? See? I’m just not sure. Mickey and Minnie would actually top that list but I hear that is the worst line. AND, to make things more confusing, I don’t really look cute when I run. My face is beet red and I sweat…a LOT! I know I will get a photo that night with Cinderella and be cleaned up wearing my medal, so I’m skipping her I think. Yep, totally not sure. What are your thoughts?

      • I feel the same way. I don’t love pics of myself in general (and especially sweaty pics), so I find it hard to get excited about waiting in lines. Plus, I have pics with characters from prior trips and we have lots character dining scheduled in the week after the race. My plan is take pics of the interesting sights along the way and if I see someone particularly interesting who has a short line, then I’ll hop in for a pic but otherwise I just don’t think it is for me. I know my husband will ask me if I’m just trying to get a better time and thus skipping what could be a good part of the experience, but I really don’t think that’s it. Getting my picture taken stresses me out. I had to be talked into getting a wedding photographer. I love pictures of my family and am looking forward to getting some good family pics with characters later in the week (and maybe even in Race Retreat), but solo pics with characters just don’t do anything for me. I of course reserve the right to change my mind if the spirit of the race takes over that Sunday morning. 🙂

  2. You should defniitely sign up for Tink next year, you would love it so much!!

    Mmmm…sushi sounds so good right now :0) I may to have some this weekend!

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