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One month until PHM! Fears & excitement mount!

on January 23, 2014

One month from today, I’ll be joining thousands of women (and a few brave men) to run the Princess Half Marathon in Walt Disney World!

FEAR: I’m starting to get worried I’m going to get hurt before the race gets here. A) No one ever wants to get hurt, period. B) I don’t want to miss out on something I’ve put this much time into (not to mention the money!). C) I don’t want to be unable to enjoy my vacation after the race! I’m paying attention to my body (especially a sore spot in my right ankle) and know I’ve been really lucky not to have anything other than some plantar fasciitis so far. To be cautious, I’ve decided to start utilizing the cross training option in my Hal Higdon novice training plan rather than the 3 mile run option. I’ve been doing the run most weeks because it only takes 30 minutes, which is easy to work into a busy day, and because I felt like I needed to run as much as possible in order to be ready for this undertaking. Now that my fear of getting hurt outweighs my fear of not finishing, I’m okay with cutting back to 3 runs a week.

EXCITEMENT: I’m excited to meet all of the lovely ladies I’ve met virtually through blogs (Hi Lauren & Karen!), Twitter and the Facebook Princess Half Marathon group. It’s been so fun to have so many others to chat and plan and commiserate with for the last few months.

FEAR: I’m afraid that my serious introversion and social anxiety will actually keep me from talking to any of you lovely ladies in real life. I tend to be very in my head when I run, which works well for my introverted “draws energy from within” self, so I know I’m not someone who could chat the entire run but I’m hoping to break out of my shell enough to chat before the run and when I run across people during it. Help me out of my bubble girls! And forgive me if anything awkward falls out of my mouth! 🙂

EXCITEMENT: I’m excited to cross that starting line! I’m truly proud of decision to start training for the half marathon and for signing up for the Princess Half Marathon in the first place. After months of planning and training, crossing that starting line will be its own huge victory.

FEAR: I’m afraid I’ll oversleep! In reality, I’m pretty sure I’ll be so worried about over-sleeping that I won’t sleep at all, but I’d rather do that than wake up late and panicky. I’ll be trying to wake myself up without waking my husband or toddler, so that’s a whole new level of stress. Thank goodness experts say that it’s two nights before the race that matter most for getting a good night of sleep in, not the night right before the race.

EXCITEMENT: I’m excited to experience the parks with O now that he’s a little older. He’s so much more physically coordinated, more verbal and more imaginative than he was last time we visited. Seeing him experience new things in our daily lives is such a joy and seeing him experience one of our favorite places is something I’m so excited to see! We actually found out we were expecting him the day we returned from a Disney trip in 2010. We’d spent the entire vacation talking about how fun it was going to be to bring our future children to see all of the wonders at Walt Disney World, not realizing we were already carrying our little guy along with us. I like to think that gives him a very special tie to Disney World, but maybe I’m just using that as an excuse to plan lots of vacations there!

To start with, these two guys were my "why". Now, I know it is just as much for me.

I’ll bet he’s going to be much better at Buzz Lightyear this time. I’m guessing I won’t get to operate my own gun – he’ll take over for me.

“Crossing the finish line” is intentionally not on this list because I can’t even imagine what that is going to feel like. It seems like such a big moment that I can’t wrap my mind around enough to get excited. I remember the feeling of accomplishment when I crossed the finish line at my 10K and heard my name called. I can only guess how much that feeling is going to amplified when I cross the finish line of my first half marathon next month. In one short month, I’ll know what it feels like and I can’t wait!!

10K Finish Line 9.22.13

What are you most excited about? What are you afraid of? I’m excited and worried about a thousand little things, so I may be brain dumping a lot more posts like these over the next few weeks. Apologies in advance!


14 responses to “One month until PHM! Fears & excitement mount!

  1. Lauren says:

    I had a lot of fears for my PHM last year too… one of which was oversleeping. I set two alarms on my phone, two on my husband’s phone, the hotel room alarm clock, AND a wake-up call lol!! I promise you won’t though, you’ll be so full of excitement once that morning comes that it’ll seem difficult to go to sleep and even stay asleep. You are going to have so much fun!! Wish I was gonna be there again this year!

  2. sarahdudek80 says:

    Exciting! Good luck!

  3. Jaime says:

    im excited for you 🙂 i cant wait to read a race report and vacation recap. 🙂

  4. I’m worried about…EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. I’m totally freaking out that I have runners knee and have not been able to run what I’m supposed to. Totally freaked out that I will be in pain during and after the race and ruin time in the parks. Ok, I’m not afraid of everything…I’m sure I won’t oversleep b/c I wake up uberearly naturally and I’m not really that concerned about finishing. I think I can finish, even if I have to walk…but finishing in horrible pain doesn’t sound very fun. I guess it’s comforting that I’m not the only one freaking out, but I wish it was normal-freak-out and not injury-freak-out. *sigh* I’m super introverted in person, so we may have to help each other! LOL

    • I’m going to try to actively focus on the things I’m excited about or the worries will absolutely overwhelm my brain. My husband teases me about looking for something to worry about some days. 🙂 I even worry about your knee! I really hope it’s doing better by the time PHM gets here and I’m sending lots of healing vibes your way (can’t hurt, right?). We’ll definitely have to help each other out of our shells. Isn’t it funny how easy it can be to connect to others online when it is EXHAUSTING and difficult in person for introverts?

      • Yes! It seems so much easier online for me. In person I tend to clam up or just motormouth about things that make no sense and everything feels AWKWARD. I’m trying to focus on the positive too, I’m letting everyone’s words wash over me…it really does help to be told that I have the training and this injury should not ruin all that, even if I don’t run much in the next few weeks. Instead I’m focusing on my costume, looking at photos (for the millionth time!) and trying to get excited about the race. We got our magicbands today!!

      • Mine are apparently on my doorstep!! Yay!!!

  5. Perfectly timed post! I was thinking on the way into work this morning how much it would suck to get hurt or sick before my half and it’s 10 weeks away! I don’t know why I started worrying about that all of a sudden. I think your fears and excitement are absolutely normal. Part of the process of training for an endurance race, I suppose. Hopefully, cutting back to 3 runs a week will help with the ankle pain! You have a lot to be proud of (and excited for)! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your finish line pic in just a few weeks!

    • I get really worried and doubt myself before any long run. I think you’re right – the ups and downs are just part of the process. Here’s hoping it warms up for both of us to get outside this weekend!

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