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Weight Loss Wednesday: Food Confessions

on January 22, 2014

Last week, I wrote about some of my silly little running confessions and as I was prepping lunches last night, I found myself thinking about some of my dietary quirks too. These suddenly seemed like a much more fun thing to talk about than the post I was planning on the research study (interesting! I promise!) that I just read about how important breakfast really is. I’ll talk about breakfast another day because keeping a sense of humor about the food you’re eating when you’re trying to lose weight is absolutely crucial!

–          There are some foods I never track or count, despite my complete belief in the importance of tracking. None of these things are big enough to matter in the grand scale of things and it makes me a feel a little rebellious not to track every bite, even though I know I’m “supposed to” per WW.

  • Splenda (no matter how much, even though Splenda does technically have calories in large amounts due to the compound that gives it bulk)
  • Splashes of milk in my coffee (although I am conscious of only using a small amount)
  • The single Dorito I eat every night when I make my husband’s lunch (which prompted this whole series of thoughts).
  • The ten little Dark Chocolate Nibs I have at my desk most days (from Trader Joe’s – love!)


–          I have sandwiches for lunch most days and I use the Sara Lee Delightful bread. I will confess that there is nothing particularly tasty about the Sara Lee Delightful bread. It is only two points and works to hold a sandwich, so it meets my needs. The real reason we use it, though, is precisely because it doesn’t have that bready goodness. I am a bread person. Love it in all forms, all the time. I have been known to toast, butter and inhale an entire loaf of bread when no one was at home to watch me. I have been known to buy a load of the fantastic asiago cheese bread at Panera and eat it all in my office before I get home with any of it. Thus, having bread that is adequate but not tempting is actually a good thing for me, weird as that seems.

–          These baby sweet potato puffs are insanely low in points. Not that I calculated that or that I eat my kid’s snacks or anything . . .


–          I feel really betrayed when I plan the points for something splurgy, take a taste of it and realize it wasn’t as good as I’d built it up to be in my mind.

–          I go through so much PB2 that I keep it in a big bin.I do not want to think about how much of our food budget goes to grapes, Greek yogurt and PB2.


–          I’m okay with some “frankenfoods” because a) I eat a ton of whole fruits and veggies to balance it all out and b) I think being fat was killing me far faster than Splenda ever will, but even I cannot understand what most of the Walden Farms sugar free things really are (seriously – no calories, no carbs, no anything and yet there is a physical product there so it is something – what is it?). Their no calorie, peanut butter like spread is truly the only thing I can think of that I have ever spit out of my mouth without swallowing it (I love food – I’ll swallow almost anything). Ugh! I actually kept it in the fridge with the intent to get my money back but I’m ultimately too lazy to follow through on that.

–          I’m a little afraid of the cans of sweetened condensed milk in my pantry (aka “Eagle Brand” in my Southern girl mind – it was years before I realized it had a name other than just the brand name). It is definitely one of those binge-y foods where I would look up and realize I’d somehow eaten an entire can of sugary goo. I shudder to think about what that does to my insulin levels. I’m periodically tempted to just throw them out but then that feels like admitting they’re more powerful than I am. Which I know they aren’t. Most days.

–          Even though I know I should celebrate the fact that my toddler loves healthy food like fruit and “matos” (tomato), there are some super hungry days when I growl a little inside about having to share my zero point foods. I do share, I promise . . . except for the grapes I’m going to sneak out of our shared bowl of fruit at Village Inn tonight before he sees them. Nobody is perfect, right?


Anybody else have some “diet food” confessions they want to fess up to? (Not that I think any of this is diet food or that we should think of food that way in general, of course)


9 responses to “Weight Loss Wednesday: Food Confessions

  1. Jaime says:

    i have never even thought about tracking splenda. also i tend to not track foods that are zero points (such as if i ate a pear, more than likely it wont end up on my tracker, cause it is no points).

    • I never thought about tracking Splenda either until I tried to out it into the recipe builder once and found out it has points in bigger amounts. Who knew! I track my zero point fruits and veggies most of the time, just so I can feel good about all of the produce I’ve eaten during the day. 🙂 any little confidence boost about healthy is a good thing for me. Sent from my iPad


  2. I had to laugh reading about the puffs; I think I used to eat as many of those as my youngest. (The banana ones were my fave and I don’t usually like banana flavored things. Love bananas, not banana flavor). I don’t track the water enhancers that I use. Technically, they have 5 calories per serving, but I don’t track it because I don’t think 5 cals will make or break me. I also sneak a Cool Ranch Dorito (or two) when I’m making lunch for my oldest. 🙂 I’ll have to check out the chocolate nibs from Trader Joes. They look like the perfect snack to curb a sweet craving!

    • I love water enhancers too. The tap water in my office tastes horrid, so I always have them on hand. I didn’t like the banana puffs but I loved those little Gerber freeze dried bananas. That pic was of our very package of puffs that I stumbled across last night. He’s outgrown them now but they were a staple in our house for a long time. One of my favorite pics is of O tipping the whole container into his mouth after he got his tubes put in his ears. He was starving after not being to eat for so long because of the anesthesia.

      Sent from my iPad


  3. leannenalani says:

    Awww I don’t blame you on the bread. Bread is just too good. Lately I’ve been getting Dave’s Killer Bread, the thin sliced kind that’s 60 calories per slice. It tastes amazing and works great with sandwiches. Just stupid expensive.
    What kinds of things do you use PB2 with? I always keep a jar on hand but so far I’ve only used it in oatmeal.

  4. Lauren says:

    Love this post!! Too funny about the sweet potato puffs – those actually sound kind of yummy lol! I don’t count Splenda ever either. I have like 2-4 tiny packets a day (I use them in my coffee and oatmeal). I also loooove PB2!! I haven’t bought it in awhile just because the cost is so high though – I have been eating the JIF Whips which are about 50 cals less per 2 tbsp than regular PB!

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