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Weekly Wrap-Up: When did a “light week” turn into 18 miles!

on January 19, 2014

Looking at my total mileage for the week, I’m amazed to think that this is a “light” week on my schedule. I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: I am so glad I added in these weeks to step back in mileage! I think (knock on wood) it has helped keep from getting burnt out and hurt. I still have a few weeks to go, but at this point my fear of hurting myself definitely outweighs my fear of not finishing, so I won’t be pushing anything! I’m noticing that I’m a lot tighter in my hamstrings and my IT band as my miles creep up this week, so from here on out I’ll dedicate my weekly cross-training assignment to yoga. Yes, I’d get more cardiovascular fitness from something like walking or the elliptical (I’m actually in no way coordinated enough to use the elliptical!) but I think the stretching is probably more important if I want to get to race day walking upright.

Sometimes O helps me stretch post run

Sometimes O helps me stretch post run


Monday: Rest day after Sunday’s 9 miler

Tuesday: 70 minutes yin yoga – lots of deep stretches and holds

Wednesday: 5 miles – Wow does 5 miles on a weekday feel a lot longer than 4.5 miles did just a week ago! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what my running routine is going to look like post-half marathon and until I get a lot faster, it is just too hard to regularly block out time for 5 miles on a weekday! One walk break in the middle and overall, it felt good. (52:51)

Thursday: 3 miles – Felt quick and easy after Wednesday’s 5 miles and no walk breaks! I added in the extra 0.1 mile at 8:30 pace at the end again, just to finish on a high note. (32:something)

Friday: Rest day. I felt good but didn’t want to run 4 days in a row (since I know I was running Saturday for #megsmiles). At this point in the game I do not want to hurt myself!

Saturday: 5 miles outside (for the first time this week! It’s been cold and windy.) – in honor of Meg. This was my first time running through hail (thankfully tiny and brief). It wasn’t bad, aside from making the path a little slippery and slowing down miles two and three.



This gives you an indication of how windy it has been here lately. Yikes!


All in all a good run and miles four and five were my fastest, a good sign right?


Sunday: 5 miles sometime later today, but first some shopping. This afternoon it should be warm enough to wear my actual race outfit for a test run.

This week I also tested out a new shirt for the race. I just haven’t been able to pull together for my original Buzz that I was comfortable in, but I saw this shirt from UnderArmor and loved it.

imageI wish you could have seen the look of awe on O’s face when I first tried it on. He’s very into “heroes” right now, but always tell me that I’m not a hero – only he and Daddy are heroes. I think I’ll go with this for race day – it didn’t budge at all in my 5 mile test run at the beginning of the week. I really don’t want a shirt to ride up and expose my excess belly skin along the way! The question is whether I go with my white SparkleSkirt I already own or buy a black running skirt? This does look good with those black running shorts I’m wearing in the pic, but I’d really rather run in a SparkleSkirt because I love the pockets.

What do you think? New skirt?

I’ve been to four meetings now with the new Weight Watchers leader and she just doesn’t do it for me. Sigh. I know that she’s had a rough year, but everything she talks about is all about her. If someone mentions an injury that’s making exercise hard, she tells you about her injuries that are worse. My former leader was empowering and worked with people on practical problem solving. This lady, while lovely, I’m sure, is not in a place to be that. It just doesn’t work for me. The final straw for me was when a new member said that when she got to goal, she was taking the day”off” from WW and having all the pizza and cheesecake she wanted. That mindset, in my opinion, just sets you up to regain and be in miserable loop of cheating and deprivation. Instead of reframing and redirecting her to find a way to eat in a way she can do without feeling so deprived she needs to do something like that, this leader launched into a story of her plans for having pizza with her family this weekend and she “didn’t care” about the points. Rather than a practical discussion of ways to eat pizza and cheesecake without throwing the whole idea of a healthy eating plan out the window (increased activity, regularly scheduled little splurges, eating lighter at other meals, etc) it again was a spiel about her – in this case, favorite pizza places. We are just not on he same wavelength and when I looked around the room, I realized a) it was very empty for WW in January and b) most of the regulars weren’t there anymore. I’m apparently not the only one missing Noreen. There’s another meeting at the same time farther away so I’ll try that one out. Otherwise, if the meetings aren’t doing anything for me I guess I’ll be one of those people who just weighs in once a month to keep the free etools for tracking. It’s a shame because I found the meetings really helpful. It just goes to show that the leader really does make all of the difference at Weight Watchers.

In happier news, my husband has lost ten pounds in the last two weeks thanks to tracking with MyFitnessPal. I’m proud of him (and jealous at how easy it is for guys sometimes too!).

5 weeks from now we’ll be finishing the Princess Half Marathon!! Holy Cow!

10 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: When did a “light week” turn into 18 miles!

  1. Yep! We’ll be all finished 5 weeks from this moment!! EEEK! I vote for a new SS! That’s no surprise though b/c I always pick Sparkle over non-sparkle. LOL. The shirt looks fantastic on you, btw! AND…obviously you know I’m speaking from experience here when I say be careful to not get injured! LOL. 18 miles sounds like a lot to me, especially since I was only able to do a painful 2 miles and now I’m sidelined for at least a week! (OMG, I’m talking about myself…I’m just like your leader!!!) LOL

    • Yes, but you talking about yourself makes me smile. Totally different! 🙂 Not smiling about you being hurt! Take it easy! But smiling about the fact that I get to meet you in a few weeks. Hubby agreed to the Sparkle Skirt (I did just get a raise that’s going to be retroactive until July he reminded me) so I need to go order it today! A girl needs options, right?

  2. leannenalani says:

    I love the shirt! Great colors with the Superman symbol. Sorry you are not into your new WW leader, that kind of sucks. That’s crazy how she responded to that other member. Not exactly the right way to view reaching goal, not at all. Hopefully you will find a better leader at the other location. And congrats to your husband!

    • I’m proud of hubby too. He’s taking a really great approach to it – not depriving himself, but being more watchful. Now I have to be careful about trying to overfeed him. I’m very much a food is love person, so that’s going to be tough!

  3. Jaime says:

    weird, im wearing the same shirt now (except my super man logo is grey, i think im wearing the guys shirt back from october, so pink for breast cancer awareness).
    i used to go to meetings, then i did it online (cause it was cheaper and i was in between jobs), then i stop and start all of the time. so when i restarted i went back to the meetings, i was told to wait around afterwards to get to talk to the leader, there were 4 other ladies there (as im not young, i still was about 20 years younger than them) and i never felt so unwanted there (i should mention that im 33 but i look more like im in my early 20’s). and it was the same wonderful leader i had a few years before, so i just signed up online and never went back. (even though my health insurance would reimburse me some of the money back per year but that is only if i go to physical meetings).

    • I liked the other colors too but couldn’t find them anywhere online anymore in the women’s tech cuts. 😦 For the Princess Half Marathon, I probably won’t stand out in bright pink anyway.

      I think age is definitely part of it. The new leader is very old school WW, having been a leader for 20+ years and in her 70s herself. My prior leader was at least in her 50s, but had a much younger, more current world view. If the new meeting doesn’t work out, I think I’ll just go to tracking only and not worry about the meetings. No sense in wasting my time or getting frustrated. It just makes me a little sad because I really did find it helpful before and was always pleasantly surprised by how different my meetings were from what I’d always imagined WW meetings to be. It turns out that may have just been because of Noreen.

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your WW leader. 😦 It’s a shame, particularly since your former leaders was such a great support. I hope that if you go to a different location that you can find an equally supportive leader like Noreen. Kudos for running in the hail! The path looks really slick! Wasn’t there something special about running for Meg yesterday? It is an incredibly sad story but I think of how the running community came together and seeing everyone post their miles and their location was really moving. She’s had a huge impact on the running community. I love your shirt! While I think the white SparkleSkirt would look fab, but I say go for a new skirt! 🙂 You have earned it, girl! A black Sparkle Skirt would look divine or I think they have a hot pink one or bright yellow that would look super cute, too! That’s great news about your hubby! Isn’t it amazingly annoying though how quickly and relatively easy it seems for men to lose weight? Hope you have a great week!

  5. Lauren says:

    GREAT job on your workouts this week! I vote for the white skirt with your super(wo)man shirt! Also, congrats to your hubby on his weight loss :0)

    I am so sorry about your WW leader. They really do make a huge difference in the weekly meetings. I wouldn’t want to hear about pizza when I’m actively trying to lose weight either!

  6. […] I mentioned last week, I have given up on meetings with this new leader at my Weight Watchers center near my house but I […]

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