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Runner Confessions

on January 18, 2014

– Remember when I ran 7 miles in an underwear bra because I didn’t have a sports bra? My level of panic at not being able to find these guys in my gym bag the other day far exceeded that moment! I cannot stand the idea of running on the treadmill without my music! I decided to suck it up and run anyway the day I forgot the sports bra. I’m not sure I could say the same about forgetting my music. I hate the music at the gym!


– I do not wear fancy sunglasses to run. I wear big sunglasses from Ann Taylor LOFT that I got on sale for $15 forever ago. They stay put and keep me from squinting and no matter how much I may drool over the fancy running sunglasses I see online and in magazines, I must admit my everyday shades work great!

– I have finished six 5K runs at this point in my running life and only actually ran one of those without walk breaks (including walk breaks in my sub-30 minute PR!). Don’t be afraid to walk!

– I check out my shadow when I run. I’d love to say I’m checking my form (and I frequently remind myself to drop my shoulders!) but really, I find myself noticing my belly and sucking it in more than anything else!

– I am shallow enough that part of the logistics I test for race day during my long includes figuring out which lipstick and mascara hold up the best.


These guys are not my fanciest makeup, but they definitely hold up the best to long sweaty runs!

– You’d think as someone who loves to eat, the thing I’d really be looking forward to after a long run would be some indulgent treat like a cookie or brownie but what I usually crave is this:


– I still think of running in “miles per hour” terms as opposed to 11:00 minute miles like most “real” runners do. I think it comes from doing so much of my running on the treadmill in the beginning (and 20 years of thinking of speed in terms of mph thanks to the car!).

What’s your silly fitness confession?

Don’t forget to log your miles for Meg today! And stay safe!


9 responses to “Runner Confessions

  1. I also go by speed and not pace… that treadmill certainly has an influence on me!

  2. These are great! Hmm, my silly confessions are that my hoodie sleeves have become twice as helpful as I thought they would be. In addition to keeping my hands warm, the left sleeve is great for wiping sweat off of my brow and the right sleeve is perfect for wiping my nose as it inevitably runs while I’m running. Thanks goodness for sleeves! My other silly confession is that I often laugh out loud to the Another Mother Runner podcast when I run. I’m sure the other people on the trail think I’m loony, but I don’t care. 🙂

    • I do that with sleeves too! That’s really why I have dedicated running gloves – they spend a lot of time wiping my nose and that would be a little icky to take out into everyday rotation.

      I’m excited that Dimity and Sarah will be at PHM but weirdly a little nervous about meeting them even if it is briefly. Thanks to the blog and the podcast, I feel like I know them but not really you know? Hopefully I’ll keep my awkward self in check. 🙂

      • I forgot they were going to be at PHM! I hope you get to meet them (don’t forget to bring your books so they can autograph them!) And was I was plenty awkward when I met them. I think I freaked Sarah out; I didn’t mean to, but it seemed like every time she turned around, I was there. I just happened to be at the snack table and merchandise area at the same time she was. Awkward! You really do get to feeling like you know them by listening to their pod casts! I feel like they are my friends in real life because we spend so much quality time together. 🙂

  3. Lauren says:

    Oh I love this post!! I wear make-up at runDisney races too :0) And my biggest post-run craving is orange juice!

  4. […] week, I wrote about some of my silly little running confessions and as I was prepping lunches last night, I found myself thinking about some of my dietary quirks […]

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