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Weekly Wrap-Up: Wow does accountability help!

on January 12, 2014

This is a later than usual Weekly Wrap-Up post because I wanted to be sure I actually got today’s run done before I posted. I confess that last week’s scheduled Sunday run never happened. I just couldn’t make myself get going. Thankfully, it was a lightly scheduled week because of my work schedule and therefore just a short little run I missed. I know that doesn’t matter in the long run, but I felt a little bad having lied to the blog world about getting it done. Thus, today’s post waited until the run was finished! Online accountability really does help!

Weekly Workouts:

Monday – 3 miles on the treadmill

Tuesday – 4.5 miles on the treadmill (48:48)

Wednesday / Thursday: Rest (I don’t normally do my rest days in the middle of the week, but those two days just ended up weird!)

Friday – 4.5 miles on the treadmill (49:02)

Saturday – Pushing a stroller up and down the hills of the zoo for a couple of hours definitely counts as cross training. Thank goodness O agreed to ride in the stroller! He’s not normally a stroller kid. At the Magic Kingdom last year, he actually never rode in the stroller we rented. He wanted to walk or be carried and flipped out if we tried to get him in the stroller. This weekend, I suspect because his language skills are a lot better, I could convince him that we’d get to the fun stuff at the zoo faster if he let me push the stroller. We’ve already started talking about using the stroller at Disney World to get around faster and he seems agreeable. Of course, he’s two so “agreeable” can disappear in the blink of an eye.

imageSunday: Long run of 9 miles! New longest run ever and new 10K PR – I love these little alerts from the Garmin (10K PR 1: 05:34, almost a minute faster than two weeks ago when I did my 8 mile run). These last few long runs are crucial for practicing the logistics of the race itself. Logically, I know that given my pace for 8 and 9 mile runs that I could walk the rest of the distance and meet the Disney cut off time, so it is no longer an issue of whether or not I can actually do 13 miles (wow – who imagined I’d ever say that!). The important things now are A) Don’t get hurt!! and B) Practice race day logistics so the whole experience is as comfortable as possible. That means that this morning I ate breakfast (a bagel, peanut butter, banana, grapes and one cup of coffee) over an hour before my run. I know those are the options I’ll have via the Race Retreat on PHM morning and I don’t typically eat something as carb-y as a bagel for breakfast, so I needed to test it out. I was also experimenting with just water and Gu along the route instead of my usual Nuun because I don’t want to carry a water bottle during the race and I don’t like the way Gatorade/Powerade makes my mouth and stomach feel. In addition to carbs, the Gu gels also provide electrolytes which are very important with such a long run. I tried the Clif Gel too since I know they’ll have that along the course. All of those things worked fine, which is good.


The other thing I learned during this run is that my brain really is the only thing that is limiting me. There were a couple of stretches where I was really struggling (apparently my IT band on the left gets tight anytime I stop running and try to restart) and I felt like stopping. Instead of stopping, I really thought about what I was feeling and noticed that while my brain was feeling like it was in a funk, my heart and lungs and legs were actually all fine. Things felt tight overall, but I hadn’t run outside in over two weeks thanks to the weather and my treadmill running form is very different than outside runs. Thus, I need to be sure I have an outside “shake out” run as my last run before the half marathon to help with that. When I came to a complete stop (my water bottle and gels were in the car, so I came to a full stop accessing those) my IT band on the left felt really tight, but that settled down after half a mile or so and wasn’t an issue with walk breaks. Thus, I just need to be aware of that when I stop for photos and be sure to bring my foam roller! Once I was able to put a name to these things, my brain settled a bit and the running got easier. These long runs really are a great opportunity to learn and troubleshoot!

I’ve loved seeing all of the photos from the WDW marathon this weekend. Just a few more weeks and that’ll be us! Can’t wait! I hope everyone’s workouts are going well. Stay safe!

I’m off to do some yoga and foam rolling to help that IT band!


6 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Wow does accountability help!

  1. Isn’t it the truth? Online accountability is fantastic! 🙂 Zoo workouts are one of my favorite forms of cross-training! Great job on your 9 miler; that is awesome! I think it is great that you are testing out your pre-race breakfast now. That will be very helpful come race day. (Side note: you can totally do 13.1 and I’m glad you agree, too!) I need to keep in mind the mind over matter concept. My right leg was really bugging me today and I almost let it get the best of me, but I hope it doesn’t get me down during tomorrow’s run.

  2. Lauren says:

    Great job on your 9 miler and new 10K PR!!

  3. Wonderful job on that run and that PR! Sounds like you will do wonderfully for that Half!

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