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Friday Favorites: Ziplining, Running & Being Kind to yourself!

on January 10, 2014

After yesterday’s “rock wall” post, I realized I needed to tell you the one brave thing I did despite being afraid of my weight making it impossible. Back in August 2009, I was in Whistler, British Columbia for a work meeting. It was somewhere I never really expected to get to visit in the first place, much less ever get back to, so I decided to scrape together some of my meager funds to do something memorable. I couldn’t afford any of the glacier trips, but they offered ziplining up between the mountains. I’d never even heard of ziplining and couldn’t imagine that I’d fit in the harness, but I made myself try it since a) who knows when I’d get the chance again and b) it was the only tourist thing I could afford to do there, other than lots of walks in the mountains – which I also did! It was terrifying and exhilirating (and I did fit in the harness!). It was actually a perk to be so heavy because thanks to gravity, I flew really really fast!

Sarah over at Courage2Run had a great post over the weekend about her running that had me applauding. One of my favorite things about RunDisney and the reason I chose RunDisney for my first half marathon is their welcome of runners of all speeds and paces. When I started running back in August 2012, I was running 15 minute miles for a long time and I was almost embarrassed to admit that to anyone. Sparkpeople didn’t even count that speed as jogging or running! I’d read stories of lots of women who were complaining about their slow pace when they were running 10-11 minute miles, which I couldn’t even imagine. If both of your feet are off the ground at some point in your stride, you’re running! It doesn’t matter how slow or how fast or how many walk breaks you take. You’re running!

This is an older post (MindBodyGreen), but I read it for the first time this week and it is so important for all of us to remember this time of year, when we’re inundated with before and after pics as we investigate new ways to get healthier. Remember that it is your before body that’s making all of these changes, that is taking the scary first steps to a new healthier you. It was 250 pound me, who headed out to run in my neighborhood for 30 seconds at a time, that did the hardest work – not the “after” me that will be showing up at Disney next month. Don’t be so hard on your “before”. (My “before” me went ziplining after all!)

Special K is doing a “Fight the Fat Talk” promotion that Monica over at RunEatRepeat discussed this week. Check it out – I particularly like the tape measure. If only women would start to truly believe that we are more than numbers!

The Walt Disney World Marathon is this week. Good luck to all of the runners! I can’t wait to see the pictures and race recaps next week. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the WeRunDisney girls in their Hundred Acre Woods costumes – the preview looks so cute!

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done? Stepping off of that zipline platform is definitely near the top of my list!


8 responses to “Friday Favorites: Ziplining, Running & Being Kind to yourself!

  1. playfulpups says:

    Scariest…hmmmm…I was always an adventurer so probably a lot of crazy things when I was younger. More recently tho – couple years ago?- I got to suit up and drive a real Nascar on the track. Super fast and super fun 🙂 I secretly want to be a racecar driver. Or, not so secretly…TGIF!

  2. Lauren says:

    What a great post!! We are more than numbers!!

    The scariest thing I have ever done is skydiving, but I have always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie lol. It was so exhilarating!!

    • I really wish I’d gotten the nerve up to try skydiving before I had a kid! Now I don’t know if I could make myself do it (motherhood definitely made me more cautious!). I can’t imagine what that would feel like! So cool!

  3. Way to go! Ziplining sounds awesome and I’m itching to do it! Some friends went last summer, but I was just over the weight limit, which was discouraging. I am happy to say that this year, I am under the weight limit, so maybe this summer I can go! Love the links to the other posts, too. I particularly love the tape measure with positive thoughts. I’m trying to be better about thinking positively, but am a work in progress for sure.

    I haven’t done anything too scary, but two things come to mind. When I was younger, I went down a water slide at a local water park that was unenclosed, about 7 stories high, and nearly a straight drop down. It was called the Scorpion at a park in Palm Springs. It was terrifying and (sorry for tmi) gave you a horrible swimsuit wedgie. I never went down it again, but was pretty proud of myself for braving it once. The other terrifying thing I did was set off on this journey to lose weight. The odds were against me and it’s been a journey with highs and lows, but worth it. 🙂

    • You’re right – trying to lose weight is terrifying because then you have to face the possibility of failure.I took a lot of (admittedly inappropriate) comfort in the fact that I hadn’t really tried to lose weight, so I hadn’t really failed at weight loss. Failing to try is failure in itself but more subtle for overachieving self. I don’t do well at failure and I was terrified that if I tried to lose weight and couldn’t that I would end up emotionally worse off than I started!

  4. courage2run says:

    Thanks for the mention! I really feel if more people talked about their fitness in ‘real-people’ terms, more of us would feel less afraid to really get out there and give a try. I may be slower and not winning the races, but I still sweat pink! (and boy do I sweat 🙂 )

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