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Cookbook Review: The Runner’s World Cookbook

on January 6, 2014

I got several gorgeous new cookbooks for Christmas and have already been testing recipes from them.  As lots of us are looking for new healthy recipes this time of year, I thought I’d give you a little review of them as I use them. First up is the new Runner’s World Cookbook (Amazon link here for you info – no perks for me) which I received from both my husband and my sister. I love the gorgeous pizzas on the cover! Last night, I got to go through it for the first time and it so many features that I love.


– The introduction has a lot of discussion about specific dietary needs for runners at different points in their training, including a discussion of the major foods groups, suggestions for foods in each of those groups and specific dietary issues like food restrictions (vegan/vegetarian, gluten free) or weight loss. I read cookbooks a lot like I would a regular book, so I love when they include discussions like this. There were several tables and charts that gave descriptions of different foods in each group, like fish varieties (going to try barramundi!) and grains. *Sorry for the blurry shots of the pages! iPhone pics in bed while I was flipping through it excitedly yesterday!


– Each recipe was flagged with color coded labels to let you know if it was good for recovery, weight loss or any particular dietary group. They also had a listing at the back of the book (in addition to a traditional index) of each of the recipes in those groups, so you could go directly to that list to find out where all of the gluten free recipes were, for example.


– I also liked that each recipe comes with a description, like the one above, that expands on the particular merits of the recipe, serving suggestions and even modifications to make it work for you.

– Each recipe also includes a good selection of nutritional information, including the things needed to calculate WW points, which is nice for me personally and the sodium content, which is frequently left out in cookbooks.


– Most importantly, as I flipped through the recipes, I found myself flagging lots of things to try. All of the recipes were very user friendly. I didn’t see anything that required any exotic cooking implements and for the recipes that called for seasonings you may not have on hand (like cardamom), there were suggested alternatives. The ingredients were healthy, whole foods without being too difficult to attain.

I already tried the butternut squash hummus with bell pepper strips and cucumber slices (as a side to our favorite tuna melts last night) and it was fantastic. Tonight we’ll be trying out the lentil stew and we’ll try the black bean-shrimp quesadillas later this week. I’ll let you know how they turn out! Overall, this looks like a great cookbook for anyone trying to eat healthier – runner or not. I love cookbooks that offer healthy options and ideas without being diet-y and this definitely seems like one of those so far!

What are your favorite healthy cookbooks?  Anything I should add to my already over-loaded cookbook shelf?

6 responses to “Cookbook Review: The Runner’s World Cookbook

  1. Wow! That sounds like a great cookbook! I love the tabs at the top indicating recovery, gluten-free, etc. Very helpful! Can’t wait to hear about all of the other yummy recipes you are going try! We have the generic Betty Crocker Low-Fat, Low Cholesterol Cookbook that we use a lot. http://www.amazon.com/Betty-Crockers-Low-Fat-Low-Cholesterol-Cooking/dp/0028637623/ref=zg_bs_4322_17 The steakhouse sirloin au jus is one of our favorites (so flavorful and delicious) as is the Provencal lemon chicken! Now I am hungry! 🙂

  2. Stacey Kay says:

    This looks fantastic! I might have to get a copy.

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