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Weekly Wrap Up: Lots of treadmill time!

on January 5, 2014

It has been cold and slippery here this week, so I’ve had lots of time on the treadmill but that isn’t making me as panicky as it would have a few weeks ago. Getting that 8 miles under my belt really helped my confidence a lot and I know that as long as I can get at least 2 of the 3 long runs remaining on my training plan (wow! Only 3 left!) done outside, I’ll be fine.

I planned this as a light week in my training because I am on call and never know how long I’ll get to run before I get called in to work. I have to say that I have really liked having “step back” weeks in my training plan, in terms of overall mileage. It definitely has helped me feel rested going into each big week and not feel so burnt out. It’s also made things easier from a practical perspective, in working around my personal and work schedules.

We also enjoyed one of our little holiday traditions this week, letting O color a canvas on New Year’s. We did it last year and hopefully will continue to do it for years to come. It is fun to see how his idea of art changes, even at this young age! This year, he wanted to make lots of circles and lots of “bubbles” by smearing his stamp on the canvas. He also asked me to draw a picture of our family – all very different from last year’s aimless scribbles. Most of the artwork on our walls is from someone we know, like my more artistic-than-I-am sister, O, and my friend Cara who is into watercolors. I like that in his room, we’ll have canvases he created over the years.

imageWeekly Workouts

Monday – Rest day, no workout after Sunday afternoon’s 4.5 miles

Tuesday – I didn’t really feel like working out, but I didn’t want to burn my two rest days at the beginning of the week so I made myself go to the gym with the promise that I’d at least do the two miles on deck for this week. Once I got going, it felt like such a good way to be wrapping up my 2013 that I found myself at 4 miles (my longest run scheduled for this week) before I realized it. I can’t think of a better note to have ended my workout year on!

Wednesday – I couldn’t do the Commitment Day 5K again this year because it was scheduled at 10:30 in the morning and I was working then (boo). I love that my husband suggested that I head out for a run during O’s nap because he thought that I needed that to start my year. He is the definition of a supportive spouse, is he not? I hit the gym with a plan to do 2 miles since I’d just done 4 yesterday, but again found myself feeling so good that I sailed past 2 miles. As I got closer and closer to 3 miles, I decided to go ahead and do 3.1 miles so I could finish my own little New Year’s 5K. For the last 0.12 miles (ie once I decided to go the 5K distance), I cranked the speed up to 8:30 pace on the treadmill and after the first ten strides or so, settled into that pace without much difficulty (granted, for a short time). That bodes very well for speedwork I think. My 5K time today, when I wasn’t really pushing the pace at all – even with walk breaks! – was 34:12, a full 3 minutes faster than last year’s New Year’s full effort run. What a difference a year makes!

Thursday – Some stretching in front of the fireplace, but otherwise a rest day

Friday – 47 minutes cross training on the stationary bike (40 minutes on the schedule, but 47 minutes got me 4 activity points which I somehow felt the need to get even though I never eat them!)

Saturday –3 miles on the treadmill. Wow is it cold here this weekend! We’re under a wind chill advisory for the next few days, with anticipated wind chills 20 to 30 degrees below zero! Yikes! I did learn during this run that I’m going to need to find somewhere to clip my iPod shuffle (new Christmas toy so I don’t have to use my iPhone for music!) other than my neckline. That got irritating, bouncing along my collar bone.

Sunday – 2 miles on the treadmill at some point today

In other news

I’ve made good progress in setting up my to do and packing lists as we hit the 7 week mark in the PHM countdown. I’ve ordered a couple of last minute items and started a Disney packing box so that I can start throwing some things in there that we’ll need for the trip. I’m also working on adding some new songs to my playlist. Let me know if you have any favorites I should add! I also tested out my Buzz Lightyear running shirt this week and think it’ll work nicely, except that I’m not really loving the whole Buzz-ish idea right now. I’m just not a costume person and Buzz is hard to convey in just a tech shirt without other paraphernalia and I don’t want to do my first half marathon with other stuff (wings, etc that would really convey the Buzz idea). I’m thinking of going with something simpler, like one of the new UnderArmour superhero tech shirts. Thank goodness I have time to sort it out.  The over planner in me does wish I could somehow know what the weather will be like that week. Why oh why isn’t the Weather Channel’s crystal ball more powerful?

I had my monthly weigh in at Weight Watchers and was well within range, which is nice after the holidays. I’m still getting used to the new WW leader but she seems nice. It is good that she’s very realistic, as opposed to just reciting the WW dogma and pushing their products. Boy does WW get crowded in January! I hope people are able to find something that helps them keep it up after the New Year. The gym was also incredibly crowded! I forgot what January was like there. I couldn’t get my usual treadmill and I had to run on a treadmill right next to someone else. For someone who does all of their road runs solo and is used to having an empty treadmill on either side of them, it felt weirdly like someone was in my personal space.

Speaking of the New Year and healthy resolutions, I’ve linked a couple of my favorite posts below as far as weight loss advice and getting started with exercise if they help anyone out.

I hope everyone has a good week! For those of you doing the PHM, are you doing a costume?

Getting started with a healthy diet and activity

Getting started as a runner

Non-running workouts

Fitbit and other activity monitors

My most important piece of weight loss advice: Don’t do anything to lose weight that you aren’t willing to do forever!


4 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: Lots of treadmill time!

  1. Lauren says:

    Great job on your 5K time!

    As for running in costume, you will definitely not regret it – just make sure it’s easy to run in… I wore inflatable wings for my Buzz costume at TOT, but I was perusing Etsy the other day and ran into these:


    Had I known this existed, I would have ordered them instead of using those wings! Super cute, and probably much easier to run in lol

  2. I love, love, love your New Year’s tradition with your son!! Those canvases will be such treasures of his youth! And your hubs get a gold star for suggesting your New Year’s Day run! 🙂 (Awesome job, btw, on your time for your very own Commitment 5K!) I tend to like uber pop-y songs when I run so my current faves are: Burn by Ellie Goulding (it inspires me), Acapella by Karmin, Timber by Pitbull and Kesha, and Tightrope by Walk the Moon. Hope you are all staying safe and warm!!

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