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A fantastic 8 mile run!

on December 26, 2013

That is a statement I never thought I’d make, but it is true. I knew this would be a good run because my earlier runs this week (4.5 and 3 miles) felt wonderful. I got up this morning, sent O to school and hit my favorite park for a good long run. It was bright and sunny and not too cool (mid 20s). The former-fat girl part of my mind was a little boggled at the rest of me, which was looking forward to this run. I got to try out a few new Christmas gifts, including new gloves and an ear warmer (Thanks Darrell & Mildred!), as well as new running music. The AC/DC live greatest hits album is fantastic running music (Thanks Jamie!).


The one and only time I slipped was as soon as I got out of the car, because there was some packed snow and ice in the parking lot. Otherwise, while there was some snow out on the trail, it wasn’t too bad. The first 4 miles felt surprisingly easy – no aches, not too tired and not feeling like I was working too hard at all. Halfway through, I stopped at the car for some water with Nuun and a salted caramel Gu (goodness gracious those are delish!). It was harder to get started again after that little break, even though it was no more than 2 minutes, but I kept going. I’d been allowing myself one walk break each mile for no more than a tenth of a mile and hadn’t been using that break each mile. In the second half of the run, it was harder to get started again after the walk breaks but I could definitely keep going. Around mile 7, I got a pain in my right ankle and somewhere in my upper hamstring/glute region but those were gone after that mile’s walk break. I’m really amazed at how well I held up during the whole thing! I was tired at the end but can definitely see that I’ll be ready to do 13 miles in less than 60 days.


Aside from the general gorgeousness of the day, one of my favorite moments was rounding the corner and running into these guys:

Two beautiful deer along the path

Two beautiful deer along the path

We all just stared at each other for a minute. They didn’t walk away until I did. Living in the city, I don’t run have many close animal encounters (aside from the abundance of rabbits and turkeys in Omaha). It felt like a little cosmic reward for being out to enjoy the day today.

Another moment I loved was passing this sign as I came up to a little bridge and realizing I needed to SLOW DOWN. Very fun given that I was running 4mph when I started running over a year ago. 🙂


At the end of my run, I had two new records on my Garmin:


I’m excited to see that my 10K time is faster today than it was back in September at my first official 10K race because a) I was in no way pushing today like I was in that race setting and b) this time included several stops for pictures and walk breaks, none of which I did back in September. I do enjoy that I’m getting faster the more that I run.


I hope you all are enjoying your long runs! Princess Half Marathon will be here before we know it!


12 responses to “A fantastic 8 mile run!

  1. Lauren says:

    Great job, Jessica!! You are going to do great and have a ton of fun at PHM!

  2. Congratulations, Jessica! Longest run and a 10k PR; that is fantastic! I loved the part about the 5 mph sign, too! 🙂 How did the ear warmers work out? I had some on for the Hot Chocolate Race and I couldn’t decide if they were too warm for me. Although, I know that I needed something covering them that day because it was so cold.

    • They worked great. I took them off halfway through because I’d warmed up but up until then they were perfect. I get far too hot to wear a hot but an ear band is just right for me at least. I have one from UnderArmour and another from Moving Comfort.

  3. Yay!!!! So glad it was a good run! I have 9 coming up tomorrow, first time I’ve done 9, so it was nice to read this, calmed my nerves a little!

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