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Friday Favorites: Catching up on reading!

on December 13, 2013

This week has been a lot less hectic, so I’m glad to have time to read more of my favorite blog posts! All of the gift guides have me adding new things to my Christmas list daily!


I had someone ask just the other day how I managed to find time to run (19 miles this week!) with a full time job and a kid. I have a fantastic, hands on husband who helps tremendously in that respect. I really like this post from Alana (2princessesontherun) about making time for yourself and more importantly, forgiving yourself you can’t. I finally learned to stop complaining about not having enough time in the day when I ran across a quote from H. Jackson Brown several years ago that says essentially the same thing that she started this blog entry with – you have just as much time as everyone else. It is all about how you use it. What we can fit in our time varies from day to day and our priorities for that time are going to change from day to day, but ultimately we are the only ones who get to decide how to make the best use of it. My choices may not always be pretty and may not always be the ones I’d make in an ideal world, but they’re mine.

A new meetup was announced this week for Princess Half Marathon weekend, sponsored by Meg (from Runaway Royalty) and Kristy (from KristyRunsKato) at 3:30 on Friday 2/21 at the Poly Pool. I love how excited Karen is about and her blog post pretty much sums up my feelings about the whole thing (Losing the Glass Slippers). I’m looking forward to meeting some of the other PHM runners! My plane lands at 3:25pm, so hopefully I’ll land on time and festivities won’t be over before I get to the Poly (conveniently where we’re staying, so it’ll be my first stop anyway.

Katie at RunsforCookies has been a big inspiration from a weight loss/maintenance and running perspective. This week, I really enjoyed reading about her evolution as a runner. It is amazing how your mindset about running changes over time, as far as what constitutes a run, how fast is “fast”, running versus jogging, etc.  I am still early in my evolution as runner and working on accepting the idea that stopping is allowed during a run! I’m also sure my neighbors think I’m nuts when I take that extra little lap on the street to get to an even number. 🙂 Hopefully this weekend I’ll tackle running without a goal in the Ugly Sweater 5K!

While we all know human beings aren’t calculators and the math of calories in / calories out never seems to work out the way it should, this article (SparkPeople The Cost of Taking a Break for the Holidays) uses those numbers to demonstrate just how easy it is to lose a lot of hard fought ground over the holiday season. If we can keep most of healthy habits during this time of year (even if there are more splurges than usual), we won’t spend the first half of the year relosing weight we’ve already lost once before!

Now, back to tackling my problem for the weekend. We have a neighborhood cookie exchange on Tuesday. I was planning to bake cookies this weekend to take along and Thursday night my oven died! It appears to be something in the computer. I’m all for taking it easy with Christmas baking to reduce temptation, but I didn’t my oven to die and take baking off the table all together! Hopefully we can get it fixed soon!



6 responses to “Friday Favorites: Catching up on reading!

  1. Oh no! My oven died recently too, it was the heating element. It was 260$ to fix! Ack. I am SO SO SO excited about the meetup! OMG. LOL. I will probably try to stay until 5ish, we have an ADR at Downtown Disney at 6pm.

    • I’m thinking about moving my flight up a bit so I can get there in time to do the expo and the meet up and get to bed early that day. I know there’s no way I’ll be getting a good night of sleep Saturday night before the race, so Friday is my best shot for early dinner and early bedtime to rest up. I can’t believe it’s getting so close!

  2. Laura says:

    So sorry to hear about your oven! I hope it’s fixed soon so you can have some baking fun this year! I really needed to read what you wrote about making time for yourself and prioritizing. I have been in such a rut the past few weeks and I need to stop allowing myself the excuses and prioritize so I can get out and run! Your excitement for PHM is contagious! 🙂 I cannot wait to run PHM in 2015 and I am going to live vicariously through you this year!

    • Of course now that the oven is dead I’m craving roasted veggies. Grrr! I decided to do the Pioneer Woman’s marshmallow pops for the cookie exchange, which won’t require the oven at all and O will still get the fun of sprinkling things to decorate them (instead of sugar cookies). The oven guy comes Monday – hope they can fix it quickly!

      • 😦 That figures that the craving hits when the oven is out! I will have to google the marshmallow pops! I am doing our Santa breakfast this weekend (I saw Jessica’s North Pole breakfast on littlepumpkingrace.com last year and did our own version of it) and those would be perfect! Hope the repair man fixed your oven today!

      • He’s here now and has hopefully got it working temporarily with a part on order to fix it permanently. Hopefully that part will get here before the temporary fix fails again!

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