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December goals (better late than never!)

on December 9, 2013

We’re over a week into December, but that doesn’t make it too late to set some goals for the month, right? With a late Thanksgiving and a crazy work week last week, today feels like the first day I can really come up for air in December!

My goals for the month are much simpler and shorter than last month’s giant list of goals:

1 – Find some new recipes for healthy holiday treats. I’m looking for things that still feel special and more holiday-ish than diet-ish but don’t completely break the bank calorie-wise. That has to exist right? I’m going to try out a few things this weekend. I’ll let you know how they work out! We also have a neighborhood cookie exchange next week – I’ll probably make more traditional, less healthified treats for that and keep a few at home for my husband to enjoy. I’m open to any suggestions for new holiday treats – healthy or splurge-y!

2 – Don’t let the holiday chaos distract me from my running plan. I got all of my runs in last week, despite the crazy work schedule, and have already looked ahead to the week of Christmas to plan out my runs among all of the family visits and other fun stuff, so I think I’m going to be able to stay on track. Less than 3 months until PHM – time to get serious about increasing mileage!

3 – Take a moment each day to appreciate just how blessed my life is. I am truly grateful for my life. I have a son and husband I adore, a job I enjoy that gives me financial security and mental stimulation, a warm roof over my head and the health of all of those I hold dear. If I do nothing else this month but remember that, I will have a joyful holiday season.

Such cuteness - how can I be anything but grateful for my life?

Such cuteness – how can I be anything but grateful for my life?

Speaking of that huge list of November goals, how did I do?

  • I completed my 57 miles of training runs successfully and I did okay at incorporating strength training and yoga more frequently (except for the week of Thanksgiving – those fell off the radar that week!).
  • I tried out Chomps and sport beans for fueling during my 6 mile runs and they both worked out well. I’m going to try Gu during this week’s long run. I don’t really notice any kind of boost from them, but I’m sure I’ll need them to keep up the longer runs that are coming. I also bought some bagels to try for breakfast on the morning of my long runs, since that’s most likely what I’ll be able to grab on the morning of the PHM. Practice as I mean to perform, right?
  • Complete my first Turkey Trot – rocked it with my first sub-30 minute 5K!
  • imageCome up with a plan for a Buzz Lightyear-ish shirt for the PHM – What do you guys think of this? With my white SparkleSkirt and my Buzz socks (thanks to Erica!) are arm warmers? I can’t find a Buzz tech shirt, but this is pretty close.
  • imageStart a weekly Friday Favorites blog post to highlight all of the blog I’m loving each week – done and enjoying it!
  • Figure out my goal weight – After much internal debate (see TMI on BMI and Fear of the Slippery Slope) I decided to have my doctor write me a letter to change my goal weight and naturally I have been well below my original goal weight since I did that. The scale is seriously screwy (Weird Cosmic Forces).

Looking back on the month’s posts, I am entertained by some of the things I decided to write about (Funny things you notice after losing 100 pounds and Am I the only one in particular). I feel warm and fuzzy all over again reading my gratitude list in Happy Thanksgiving – as I said above, I am a really blessed woman. I may need to read that list every day.

It’s going to feel like a short and crazy December – I hope it goes well for everyone! Time to take a deep breath and dive in – the Christmas tree goes up tonight!

7 responses to “December goals (better late than never!)

  1. Fantastic job on your November goals!!! I love your December goals, especially the third one! Good luck on them 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    Great job on your November goals and best of luck on your December goals!! I’m sure you’ve heard of this website, but a great healthy recipe blog I love is http://www.skinnytaste.com

    Love your Buzz shirt! I was Buzz for TOT earlier this year, and had so much fun wearing wings! Plus, he’s just an awesome character :0)

    • I love skinnytaste! I’ll definitely be checking her site out for treats. I don’t think I want to deal with wings for 13 miles (especially since it will be my first half!) but Buzz is my little boy’s favorite character so I wanted to be Buzz-ish for him. 🙂

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