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Weekly Wrap-Up: Crazy busy and cold!

on December 8, 2013

This shot of my dashboard on the way to Weight Watchers yesterday morning says it all about Nebraska weather this week:

imageYikes! It is super cold here. I’ve also been on call all week at work, so that combines to make a week with lots of shorter runs and lots of indoor runs. Knowing I was on call this week, I’d only planned on short runs this week anyway (3 – 3 mile runs plus a 2 mile if I could get it in) and I’m glad to say that I did manage all of those!

Weekly Workouts:

Monday: 2.25 miles in the morning outside before work and the remaining 0.75 in the evening afterwards. The loop I ran took just enough over 2 miles that morning that I felt like I needed to get back out that evening to make it an even 3 miles for the day! (11-11:30 pace) I did learn a very valuable lesson with my night run: I should take off my earrings before I put my ear warmer on. Somehow the earring got caught in the ear warmer and my husband had to disconnect me!


Tuesday: 3 miles in the morning – felt stiff and sore, I suspect due to running twice yesterday even though it was not a lot of mileage. I did 10 minute run:1 minute walk intervals, which I typically do for such a short run, but I was feeling so stiff the intervals helped me ease into it. The frigid cold showed up on Tuesday night so this was my last outside run! I do love that I get to see the Christmas lights the neighbors leave on when I’m out early in the morning this time of year.


Wednesday: Rest day (well, nothing was really a rest day this week – I was getting 10,000 steps a day just from work all week!)

Thursday: 20 minutes on the stationary bike in the morning – not as a big of a cross training workout as normal, but I’m glad to have gotten at least a small workout in

Friday: 3.15 miles on the treadmill – with single digit temperatures, I was not running outside! Going through the winter, if I can get half of my runs for the week done on the road when weather allows, I’ll feel okay using the treadmill when the weather gets this cold. I know I don’t want to run on the treadmill exclusively, but there’s no reason to be out in the cold if I don’t have to be!

Saturday: 2 miles on the treadmill – quick and easy. This was one of the few times I’ve had trouble finding a treadmill at my gym! The Run Club had a ton of treadmills reserved because they were doing their Saturday morning run indoors (see the -4 temp above!) so I had to hunt around to find one.

Sunday: I’ll be doing some snow shoveling to get out to work this morning:


I’ll also plan on doing some yoga tonight. I’ve got a big week of runs next week so I’d like to get the kinks as much as I can before it starts. I’m looking forward to being off call at 7 am tomorrow! Between travel for Thanksgiving and then a week of call, I’m exhausted!

Other news: I had a very good post-Thanksgiving weigh in, down to 163 lbs. Since that is well within my Lifetime weight range and it is the beginning of the month, I don’t have to weigh in again officially with Weight Watchers until after New Years. I’ll still keep up weigh ins at home, but it is nice that I don’t have to worry about having salty food on Friday night or anything. My husband and I actually went out to a hibachi place for dinner Friday night before my Saturday morning weigh in, so I was expecting a gain from all of the soy sauce (the cause of my first ever gain at Weight Watchers back in the day!) but I didn’t really see a bump this time. It was fun to take advantage of “Parents Night Out” at daycare and go out to dinner alone. It was kind of funny that we were out for dinner without our kid and got seated at a table with another couple and their two year old, but he was well behaved and not at all disturbed by the fire volcano and the other hibachi antics. Maybe we’ll try that with O one day soon. It was nice to get out with hubby alone – I’m a very lucky lady.


I’m heading into my biggest ever training run this week – 7 miles! Wish me luck! I’m also officially registered for the Ugly Sweater run a week from today and my goal for that run is to actually run it without a goal. It’ll be the first time I’ve ever done an official run without a goal, but I think running without always worrying about time and pacing is going to be an important thing to learn (especially since there is no way I’m going to be faster than my sub-30 minute Turkey Trot, running in Nebraska cold and the day after I finish my longest ever training run).

Speaking of Turkey Trot, I did finally find myself in one of the race photos – that’s me in the back with the black pants and orange jacket. Don’t I just look fast? 🙂


Have a great week! Stay warm!

6 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Crazy busy and cold!

  1. Brrrr! It’s cold here too with snow and ice on the ground, so I’ve been banished to the TM as well. I hope it’s not like this all winter b/c I must get some of my long runs outside, it’s just totally different for me on a TM, ya know? Good luck with your 7, that’s what I ran this week!

    • I’m hoping to at least get the long run done outside. You’re right – it is totally different! Right now I’m planning on Saturday afternoon – hopefully it’ll be sunny and a little warmer!

      Sent from my iPhone


      • I’m tracking the weather like a stalker lately! LOL. I am trying to plan that way, when I see the weather warming up, I plan for my long run on that day. It worked last week but I have no idea what the rest of the winter will bring. We do have an indoor 1/10 of a mile track at our gym, BUT, it’s very “cushy” which isn’t the same as outside…AND…the thought of running around it 80, 100, or more times (8 miles, 10 miles…) sounds like torture. It actually sounds worse than the TM. LOL

      • Ugh. That does sound worse than the treadmill! I’d feel like a hamster on a wheel! Here’s hoping it gets warmer for both of us!

  2. Lauren says:

    Holy moly cow – NEGATIVE FOUR degrees?! I doubt I could even step outside in that lol!! Huge congrats on your weigh-in this week though! That is some great news!

    Good luck on your 7 miles this week; you’re gonna do great! :0)

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