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Stocking stuffers for runners

on December 5, 2013

In Tuesday’s post about healthy stocking stuffers, I mentioned avoiding fitness gifts in someone’s stocking unless they’ve really embraced exercise or a specific activity as a hobby. You don’t want to pressure people, especially at the holidays! However, I know there are several running-related things I’d love to see in my stocking now that I’ve embraced running as a hobby (I’ve been looking for a hobby for years! My husband laughs at all of the half finished knitting I have!).

Earbuds: Even if the runner in your life already has a pair of earbuds they love, everybody needs a back up for the inevitable day you leave yours at the gym or in the car or wherever.

Socks: If they have a favorite sock brand, grab a new pair. If they aren’t committed to a certain style of sock, ask your running store for recommendations so that they get something new to try. Good running socks are usually pricier than your average pair of socks, so most runners would appreciate an extra pair. I rotate two pairs of wool socks during the winter because they were $15 each and I didn’t initially want to invest in too many pairs. A third set would make it easier to plan runs around laundry day!


Fueling/gels: Every time I see the wall of fueling options at the running store, I’m tempted to get them all. Similar to socks, if the runner in your life has favorites, replenish their stash. If they’re relatively new to running and haven’t settled on a favorite gel or bean or whatever, getting a few options for them to experiment with could be fun. (PS Honey – I like the Sport Beans)


Hydration/salt tablets: I would love the idea of some new flavors of Nuun to try out.


Water bottles: New water bottles (because you never have too many!) would be fun. Heather over at Through Heather’s Looking Glass is giving away a cool one this week with two chambers – one for water and the other you could use for electrolyte drinks or protein drinks.

Lube/Anti-chafing balm: Bodyglide or something similar, esp. something small and travel size for races!

ID bracelet: RoadID or similar – if you have their information, you could already get it engraved with their name and other information. If not, a gift certificate so they could make their own is also an option.


Gift card for music/audiobooks: Entertainment is essential for long runs, so iTunes gift cards or an Audible subscription would be greatly appreciated!

Muscle soak bath salts/body oil: A relaxing soak after a run would be luxurious (you know, if I didn’t have a two year old who needed me as soon as I got back!). Biofreeze or other topical muscle relaxers would also be good, especially for someone in the midst of training.

Arm warmers/running gloves: Like headphones and socks, extras are always appreciated. I hate when I want to head out for a run and realize I’ve left my gloves back home or somewhere else.

Voucher for cheering support along a training run: Having someone to cheer you on at a race is fantastic, but having someone to cheer you on during a tough training run would be a lovely surprise! I loved seeing the happy notes along the trail for this runner earlier this year and I think a homemade gift certificate for either a surprise boost or one you could redeem whenever you felt like you really needed the extra help to get through your run would make a fantastic stocking stuffer.


Some pricier options to think about including could be race registration (if it is there is a specific race you know they’re planning but haven’t registered for or a “gift certificate” for a race of their choosing – promising not just the fee, but the time for training), a Garmin or new iPod/other music player.

What would you like to see in your runner’s stocking this year?

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6 responses to “Stocking stuffers for runners

  1. Lauren says:

    This may or may not make me sound totally lame, but I get SO excited when I get running socks (fave brand is experia thorlo) for Christmas LOL!

    Also, I LOVE the idea of a voucher for cheering during a training run, or even a race!! Very creative!

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