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Weekly Wrap-Up: Turkey and “trotting” and shopping oh my!

on December 1, 2013

This was a chaotic week, with a short work week, lots of Thanksgiving prep and travel with a toddler. Between the early morning wake-ups before the trip as my mind started churning through to-do lists (hate when I wake up early immediately thinking about all I need to do for the day!) and the disrupted sleep with travel, I’m exhausted! It was so great for O to get to hang out with his grandparents though. We don’t live near them, so his relationship with them isn’t like what my husband and I had growing up, where the grandparents all lived nearby and were part of our daily lives. I do love that he recognizes them and enjoys them. I also love to watch him show off his new two year old skills for them. Because large chunks go between their visits, he is always so different each time they get to play together and it is nice to see their reaction to things like toddler singing and counting and running. Always running, my guy. 🙂


Speaking of running . . .

Weekly Workouts:

Monday: 2 mile run – As usual for this particular run on my weekly schedule, I finished this right before daycare pickup. The gym is really busy this week with people banking their calorie deficits before the holiday!

Tuesday: 6 mile run – Unfortunately on the treadmill because of the weather (that is a really long time to run without a change in scenery!). It was in the twenties and incredibly windy –  I could handle the cold, but that wind for an hour was not appealing. I could either break it up and do it chunks, warming up in between, or knock out the whole thing in one swoop warm and cozy in the gym. I decided that for this week, getting it all done at once was more important since I’d split one of last week’s longer runs. I don’t want to get in the habit of that! I downloaded a new book for the Kindle app, which helped pass the time and I ran in my SparkleSkirt just to perk things up a bit. I don’t normally wear my skirt in the gym and it’s too cool to wear it outside for the last couple of months. I forgot how cute it is! I did my long run early so I didn’t have to worry about finding time for it while traveling for the holidays.

I'm definitely wearing this to liven things up any future time I'm stuck on the treadmill for an hour!

I’m definitely wearing this to liven things up any future time I’m stuck on the treadmill for an hour!

Wednesday: I tossed in a short extra run first thing in the morning (1.25 miles in 12 minutes – speedy!), just to balance the fact that I would spending all day in the car. I also thought it would make up for shorting tomorrow’s run, in case I didn’t get to do any running other than the Turkey Trot. It was so cold (11 F) but clear and gorgeous. I really wish my phone could take pictures at that time of the morning but I never get anything other than a black screen. I am so grateful to running for getting me out to see the sky when it is so quiet, calm and clear (and not hating be out in the cold that early!). I also ran down a little road and through a shopping center somewhere in Missouri for half a mile, so that I could cross Missouri off of my running list.

Thursday: The NWA Turkey Trot, with a time of 29:40! Woo hoo! (link here).


Friday: I decided that all of the walking and bag carrying that goes along with Black Friday shopping would count for my cross training for the week but we ended up not shopping much at all! I’ll try to pick this workout up Sunday (45 minutes on the schedule, but since I ended up with only a 5,000 step day I don’t think shopping can count).

Saturday: 4 mile run on the trail near the hotel in the early morning – wow is it hillier in downtown Fayetteville than it is in Nebraska! They have a great trail system here in town and I liked running past all of the Christmas lights that were still on.




Sunday: Driving home. I know I’ll get lots of steps in getting the car unloaded and unpacking, so I’ll at least get some movement in! Depending on how stiff I feel and when we get home, I may sneak in a little walk too to make up for the 45 minute cross training I need. I also have 100 burpees to get in for the Elf4Health Challenge.

This week I also decided to go ahead and register for the Ugly Sweater run in December. There was a Living Social deal dropping registration down to $22 from $39, so it seemed like a sign that I should tack on one more 5K for the year. I’d say I’ve far exceeded last year’s New Years Resolution of completing four 5Ks this  year!

Next week, I’m on call all week so I’ve intentionally designed this as a light training week in my modified half marathon plan. I hope I’m able to get at least a few runs in, but I guess if I’m too busy to get the runs in, at least I’ll know I’m getting lots of steps from the heavy work load! I’ll also be sure to head to Weight Watchers for my first of the month weigh in (since I skipped this week due to traveling) and find out how much damage I did with the traveling.

Enjoy the first week of this short Christmas season!

7 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Turkey and “trotting” and shopping oh my!

  1. Desiree' says:

    Phew I’m tired after reading your post! Great job on getting it all in! Oh an ugly sweater run sounds like so much fun!

  2. leannenalani says:

    Love the workout skirt! Sometimes it’s fun to wear skirts for workouts. I have one that I use for Zumba. Have a great first week of December! I can’t believe it’s here already.

  3. Lauren says:

    100 burpees?! You go girl! Those things are HARD.

    Have fun at the ugly sweater run – sounds like it will be a blast!

  4. Laura says:

    What a busy week! 🙂 So glad your little guy got to spend time with his grandparents; precious memories to be sure! I love the SparkleSkirt! What a great way to pep up a treadmill run! I’ve got a SparkleSkirt on my wish list!

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