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Happy Thanksgiving!

on November 28, 2013
From Real Simple magazine (November 2013, I think)

From Real Simple magazine (November 2013, I think)

In reading for tips for staying motivated through long races, I ran across the idea of dedicating each mile to a different person in your life. I like the idea of taking a deliberate moment to reflect on the people and things for which you are grateful, especially as there are so many things and people that frequently go into getting you across the starting and finish lines of a race. In honor of my upcoming half marathon and this day on which we are all supposed to take a moment to express our gratitude, here are 13 things for which I am grateful.

1. My health: There is not a morning that I wake up that I do not think about how grateful I am not to take blood pressure pills anymore. I started medication for my blood pressure when I was 29 and weighed 280+ lbs. It took two medications to get it under control and I stayed on those medications for 5 years, including through my pregnancy. My blood pressure meant that I needed extra monitoring during my pregnancy and I struggled with feelings of guilt over putting my baby at risk, both from my blood pressure and from the medication, throughout my pregnancy and even after he was born and I was breastfeeding while on medication. Since January 2013, I have had normal blood pressure without any medication and I am more grateful for this than words can express. With my history of gestational diabetes and obesity and family history of diabetes, I know I’m still at risk for diabetes but at least I am now actively taking part in managing my health risks.

2. My husband: He should really be at the top of this list and of every list about the wonderful things in my life. He is good, honest, supportive, smart, funny, a great dad and the best partner a girl could want. I could not have made the changes I’ve made in the last 18 months without his unwavering support and faith in me. He has rolled with the changes in our family meals without (much) complaint – especially important since one of his favorite things about me was my great, but not very healthy, cooking. He has woken up early to take on toddler duty so I could go to early Weight Watchers meetings or go for runs. He has never asked how much I spent on the drawers full of running gear I now have. Most importantly, though, even when I couldn’t believe in myself, he has always believed in me.

image3. My son: I find the joy and wonder that O experiences in the most mundane experiences to be incredibly inspiring. We all should look at the world through two year old eyes more often! I also love that when he sees a picture of runner, he asks if it is a picture of mommy. It is so motivating for me to know that my son sees me that way. I am very blessed to be his mama.

image4. My education: I have always loved school and the process of learning and now I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had because of my education. Yes, I worked for it, but I also know that I’m privileged to have it. My favorite part of my day job is teaching others and particularly, teaching them how to be lifelong learners.

5. My home: As I sit looking out all of my windows, in front of my cozy fireplace, I am grateful for my home. It’s open and warm and the place where we are building family traditions. It also has a fantastic kitchen, which I love. 🙂

6. My job: My job is challenging and rewarding and I get to work with fantastic people who really are trying to make the world a better place. My job also provides flexibility and funding for my running habit and allows me to travel to places this small town girl never imagine visiting.

7. My parents: My parents raised three children with the drive and ambition to leave the small town we’re all from and go out into the wider world. They also showed us every day what marriage could be, still partners and best friends after almost 40 years of marriage. It gave all us very high standards in a partner and that is priceless.

8. Running: Running has given me a self-confidence I’ve never experienced from anything else. By traditional society standards, I’m a very successful person but I’ve always had a bit of that “fraud” feeling, like someone is going to figure out any day that I’m not as smart or as talented as they think I am. With running, I don’t have those thoughts anymore. I do it for me and it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks. In my mind (and in my 2 year old’s mind), I am Superwoman.

9. Coffee: No one said these had to be heavy, weighty concerns, right? I am so grateful for the Keurig that greets me every morning and for Starbucks.

image10. My smartphone: I seriously cannot imagine life without instant access to the world in the palm of my hand. My smartphone lets me take pictures, listen to music, connect to friends all over the country and track my food and workouts. I love being able to pull up a video to entertain my kid or look up a random factoid that came up in conversation or find the menu of the restaurant we’re planning on visiting next, all with a few finger taps.

11. My friends: I am fortunate to know some smart and fantastic women (and a few men) who have been friends no matter where our job and families take us. There’s always some out there who gets me and that is pretty awesome.

12. Zero point fruits & veggies: The sneakiest part of Weight Watchers are the zero point fruits and veggies because they have sucked me into learning to love all kinds of new fruits and veggies just so I can fill me need to eat tons and tons of food!

13. My sense of humor: My ability to laugh at the world and at myself are invaluable. I’m like everyone else – there are days I feel like a failure at work, as a mom, as a wife, as a runner, as a Weight Watcher, as a human being and yet most days, I can find something to laugh about (like this and this and countless others I don’t tell you about). This skill (thanks Mom & Dad) makes life immeasurably easier.

And for the extra 0.1, I’m grateful for that I can listen to Christmas music tomorrow without fear of judgement!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I’m grateful for this outlet and for all of you I’ve gotten to meet virtually.

7 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. leannenalani says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! We already started in on the Christmas joy yesterday. Oh well!

  2. Desiree' says:

    haha I’ve secretly been listening to Christmas music already too in the safety of my car. Excellent post! (I’m also with you on being thankful for coffee…)

  3. Lauren says:

    I know it’s late, but Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you had an amazing day :0)

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