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Weekly Wrap-Up: Blue Cross thinks I’m getting healthier & my training plan

on November 24, 2013

This week, we had to complete a Personal Health Assessment with Blue Cross as part of the benefits change period at my job. These are my overall assessments from the last three years:







It is very nice to see those numbers come down! I know the changes I’ve made are good for my health and not just my clothing sizes, but it is nice to see it spelled out too.

This week’s workouts were carefully planned around lots of before/after work activities and setting things up for workouts the week of Thanksgiving. Next week’s long run is 6 miles and I’m planning on doing it Monday or Tuesday so that I don’t have to find time to squeeze it in with travel and family time over the holidays, so that meant avoiding a big run this week on Sunday (big runs two days in a row isn’t a deal breaker, but it isn’t fun either!).

Weekly Workouts:

Monday – 4 miles in the early morning. I only planned on 2 miles this morning since I had run on Sunday, but it felt so good to be out there and going that I decided to go ahead and do 3 and then found myself doing all 4! Nice to get one of the bigger runs for the week marked off my list so early in the week – it makes me feel like I have more breathing room in my week.

Tuesday – 2 miles on the treadmill between work and picking up O at daycare (almost always how/when I get this short run in – don’t know if I’ll still handle it this way in a few weeks when this run gets longer!)

Wednesday – 25 minutes walking between car dealership & mall while waiting to get my oil changed. I intended to get in another 20 minutes later to make this my cross training day, but that never happened so this was just a little bonus workout.

Thursday – A very chilly 3 miles early in the morning (Brrr!) so that I could get a run before the bad weather hit. I’m glad for this, because there was quite a bit of ice Thursday evening/Friday morning

Friday – Snow shoveling! Otherwise, a rest day.

Saturday – 2.5 miles outside before I went to Weight Watchers and then 1.5 miles on the treadmill at the gym to finish my 4 miles for the day (and my 13.1 miles for the week for my Doctor Who virtual half marathon). I try not to split runs up like this too often because learning to stick with the long run is important mentally as much as physically, but I just woke up at a weird time so this is what worked. It was super cold (according to my Weather Channel app 11 degrees and felt like 5 with the wind chill) but with lots of layers I was okay other than my hands. I did try out my YakTrax, which are a web of springs and spikes that fit over your normal running shoes to make it easier to run on snow and ice. Once I got used to the feeling of an extra layer under my feet (which felt odd but not unstable on non-icy road), they did help me feel more secure on the snowy/icy patches. I still tried to avoid any big patches of ice but those made it easier to cross the smaller areas without seriously changing course.



Something nice about being the first snowy footprints out in the neighborhood

Something nice about being the first snowy footprints out in the neighborhood

Sunday – 45 minutes walking and then packing, cleaning and everything else kind of day to get ready for the holidays, the house sitter and a very short week at home next week! My husband is laughing at my list of things to pack and things to get done this weekend, which is why I’m planning on kicking him out of the house Tuesday night and sending him to the movies (Ender’s Game). I’ll enjoy finishing my last minute packing and organizing and listing without him there to laugh at me. 🙂

Training plan:

I added a page with my current training plan to the blog. I’m using a hybrid of the Higdon/Galloway plan after reading up on several different training plans (see my thought process here). We’ll see how it goes. So far, I feel strong and am getting faster, so I think it is going great! I definitely don’t want to push too hard and get injured. I’d rather undertrain a little than overtrain. I know I could walk and finish if I don’t get hurt and finishing safely is much more important than being able to run the whole thing (although I hope and expect that I will be running it!). In no way do I recommend this for anyone else as I am not a fitness professional – this is just what is working for me after lots of reading and looking at my particular schedule. Publicly sharing this should help me stay on track through the busy holiday season.

Am I the only one

I forgot to include in Monday’s post (Am I the only one?) this particular quirk: Am I the only one who has to look up their Twitter name anytime someone asks? Because it is saved in my phone, I don’t ever think about what my name actually is! When someone asks, I have to go look it up. I am so great at managing my social media presence, right? 😛 (99% sure at this moment that I’m @Jessa_Snow but I should probably check that!).

Everyone have a good holiday week! Don’t let it make you crazy (or is it just me that needs to be reminded of that?)


2 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up: Blue Cross thinks I’m getting healthier & my training plan

  1. leannenalani says:

    Great health stats! I wish my work had little assessments like that. My husband’s work has a health incentive program and he got a free FitBit One just for accumulating points. They get points through taking surveys and even through getting 5,000 pedometer steps a day.

    • I think it is great when companies actually incentivize (is that a word?) healthy habits for their employees. By completing the health assessment that I showed snapshots of, we get some fairly substantial benefits in added to our health coverage like free preventative services and a decrease in our deductible and free generic meds.

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