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on November 21, 2013

We’ve got our first real winter weather blowing in here today. I just got back from a 3 mile run and I think the Weather Channel app is being wildly optimistic in its “feels like” estimation:


It definitely felt colder than 22 F with the wind blowing like it is. Very damp, very frigid and definitely bringing snow our way later today from the feel of things. It did give me a nice to chance to test out my winter layering, which worked well for the most part. My hands and feet were cold, but even they warmed up by the end. I think I’ll definitely be looking for warmer gloves though – it is going  to get a lot colder and these just won’t cut it. I had my usual Old Navy pants on – nothing special for winter/lining – and my fleece lined tech top, fleece jacket and my reflective lightweight jacket on top (so I didn’t get run over). My trunk was warm and my legs warmed up quickly, so I think this layering will work out well. I may need to get warmer pants – I guess I’ll find that out Saturday when I have a 4 mile run on the schedule and the high that day is 22!

I would definitely advise looking at the weather when you’re planning your workouts for the week so you don’t get caught off guard (any more than you have to anyway – weather is unpredictable). We have wintry mix/snow this evening and through tomorrow morning, so I knew I had to get this run in this morning. Tonight and tomorrow morning the roads may be too slick to be out, either to run or to drive to the gym. That meant waking up early today so I could get my run finished before my husband had to leave to go to the gym himself. He volunteered to skip it so I could sleep in a little but I made him go. What’s the point of me taking care of myself so I live a longer healthier life if he isn’t also taking care of himself so he can be there with me, right?  Those of you who’ve met him know – I’m a lucky girl (sitting here at the computer eating fruit he so kindly washed and cut up for me because he knows washing the fruit makes my hands cold for hours!).

I hope everyone up here in the Midwest stays warm & safe on the roads today! And I hope that we at least get snow that sticks out of this round – sticks out in the yard at least. Wouldn’t it be nice if snow only stuck on the non-driving/running surfaces so we got to look at it and play in it but didn’t risk hurting ourselves in it?


5 responses to “Brrr!

  1. Lauren says:

    Yikes – that is some cold weather!! Definitely stay safe running out there!!

  2. Desiree' says:

    Brrrr yikes! Glad you got the run over with. Treat yourself to some Hot Chocolate now!

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