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Friday Favorites: Going to work on being a safer runner!

on November 15, 2013

Two safety themed entries this week are particularly relevant for me as I am now out running alone in the dark:

This week’s Another Mother Runner podcast entry is about safety and practical self defense while running – definitely check it out!

Over on My Journey to Fit Shelley is finally committing to lighting herself up more when she runs (“Can you see me now?”).

I confess that I too have a set of safety lights I don’t use. I took five minutes this week to move my running gear from my bottom drawer in my room. If I’ve forgotten something, I avoid going back for it because I don’t want to wake up my husband when I run in the morning. Now I keep things in a bag in my entry closet (the bag hanging on the right) along with all of my running jackets, arm sleeves, etc. That should make it much easier to get up and out quickly in the morning!


I also took my blinking light out for the first time Wednesday night! It took me a while to find somewhere to clip it but at least I was easier to see (ended up clipping it to the armband for my iPhone).


Cammy over at the Tippy Diet did some reflecting about her weight maintenance (I follow all of the Adventures in Maintenance crew because there really isn’t a lot out there about weight maintenance!) and I particularly enjoyed her reflections about the people who believed in her, who wanted to believe in her and those who didn’t believe. Everyone contributes to this process in different ways!

Speaking of maintaining weight loss, over on RunsforCookies, Katie has a guest post from someone who lost over 200 pounds and has maintained it. I’m always inspired by stories from others – it helps me feel less alone in the issues I deal with daily.

I have of course enjoyed the many Wine & Dine race recaps this week (love all of the pictures over on Run.Walk.Fastpass.Repeat). I am so tempted to run this just for the chance to run through the Osbourne lights! I am also much faster at night. Definitely something to consider.

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the last of the fall color! Winter is almost here!


2 responses to “Friday Favorites: Going to work on being a safer runner!

  1. Can’t wait for my next run to listen to the AMR podcast! I saw the e-mail about it and it is something I often think about so I can’t wait to hear their tips! I am so nervous to try running in the dark, but I’m going to have to suck it up and do it sometime. I need to invest in some lights, so thank you for posting a pic of your clip-on light!

    • It hard to figure out where I would clip it, but I liked that I didn’t have to think about any more once I found a place. It’s from RoadID. Now that it is dark so much of the day, it very dearly needed!

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