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November Goals

on November 4, 2013

Heading into serious half marathon training and the hectic holiday season, setting some monthly goals seems like a good idea. I also need to set a deadline on a specific issue I’ve been struggling with, so incorporating into this month’s goals will help that.  October was a fantastic month for me, running-wise. I got to run in some beautiful places and I seem to have made that mental “I’m a runner” shift. Running still feels challenging, but never impossible and that is really awesome. I’m getting faster, I’m astounded when my hand brushes my legs and I feel those muscles and the ever-growing number of miles in my Google doc spreadsheet tracking my training is amazing. Onward!

Goals for November:

Run the 57 miles allotted for this month’s training weeks (starting with today since I do Monday-Sunday weeks). I already got this started with an early 3.5 miles today!

Strength training twice a week

Yoga once a week: On my rest day yesterday, I spent some time working through an easy yoga routine (from the HeavyWeight Yoga DVD – love that one, even now that I’m smaller). I’m amazed at how much less flexible I am now, but spending just half an hour going through that routine felt so good. I’d like to do that more often and doing it on my rest day helps with the twitchiness I get over not doing a workout on a weekend day.

– Practice fueling for the half marathon: I picked up some options (beans, Chomps and something else) to try out while I was out shopping this weekend. With longer runs coming before I know it, I should start tweaking things. I’ve never used any of these so any advice would be great!

– Finish my first Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning! My husband laughs at me for telling him it would only take 30 minutes – we’ve got enough time. When did I become that person? (and wow will I be excited when it really does only take me 30 minutes!)

– Design my Buzz tech shirt for the PHM. I need to figure it out and get this ordered so I can put together something cute, but runnable for my first half marathon. In my little guy’s honor, I think Buzz Lightyear will be the way to go.

– Blog-wise, I’m going to start a Friday Favorite-ish post because I read so many fantastic things by other writers during the week and I’d love for everyone to see them!

– The biggie is going to be setting a deadline for figuring out my goal weight. This is my overall weight loss:

Weight Loss OverallThis is what my weight has done since I officially made Lifetime status in August at Weight Watchers:

Weight Since Lifetime at WWI’ve maintained, without much difficulty, in the 166-167 range for the last 3 months. That is remarkable in itself. I’m wearing size 6 pants, I’m running 15 miles a week on average and I am off medication for my blood pressure. I am, by all accounts, at a healthy weight. Well, all accounts but BMI. According to my BMI, I am overweight.


My goal weight at Weight Watchers is 164 pounds, which is the high end of the normal range for my height based on BMI. BMI is a flawed construct, which is a conversation for another day, but in order to set a goal weight outside of that range (ie at 166 or 167, which seem more reasonable for me based on the charts above) I would need to get a note from my doctor. I’m struggling with whether I want to try to get back down closer to 164 (because I did get there in July, although only for that week I made goal and I suspect largely because I got sick) or whether I want to ask my doctor to write me a letter to change my goal by two stupid pounds. That would feel like admitting failure, even though I know it isn’t. I’m also not sure I want to restrict my calories given that my mileage is going to increase with the PHM training. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I have set myself a deadline of November 30 to decide. Maintenance really is about constantly re-evaluating, isn’t it? For this month, I’m going to try eating part of my activity points to see if I’m one of those lucky people I keep hearing about who lose more weight when they eat more (somehow I doubt it). I’m going to eat half of them (in something healthy so as not to tempt a binge) on the day I earn them. That means I have four points of an extra snack coming my way today! Yay!

My Facebook feed is full of people’s daily gratitude reflections for the month. I love when we take a second to remember those things – it keeps so many things in perspective. Mine so far (will try to tweet them from here on out each day & only feature the highlights in the blog):

November 1: I have a great professional mentor who gave me some honest advice and conversation about my future, which I really appreciated.

November 2: I am grateful for my lovely husband, who had the shower on and warm when I got home from my chilly long run (longer than planned because I got lost!).

November 3: I had an extra hour to spend with my family, which included watching my son play at an arcade for the first time. A toddler playing air hockey is not to be missed! He lost, but that was because he kept dropping the puck into his goal over and over because he liked the sound it made.

Good luck with your goals this month!

My favorite posts of my own from October:

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7 responses to “November Goals

  1. Lauren says:

    I really want to start yoga! I have never tried it before, and I think that is would be a great strength training routine used in conjunction with running.

    My fave race fuel is the fruit punch Honey Stinger gels. It used to be the Vi Fuel gels, but they are so hard to find, so I switched over to Honey Stinger, and love them!

    Best of luck with your goals this month!!

    • I think it really helps keep me from feeling so stiff. I’ve got a couple of running specific-yoga books and DVDs on my Christmas list, so those should be fun. I like the yoga classes at my gym but they can be so hard to fit into my schedule!

  2. Buzz Lightyear sounds cute! I saw on a FB costume page that someone had found Buzz knee socks, you might want to do a search on it, they were cute! Not sure if I could wear regular socks for a half, but you could cut the foot off and just wear them on the calves!

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