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Painfully waking up at 5am to run . . .

on November 1, 2013

I’m a little thankful I can’t remember the horrible words I said when the alarm clock went off at 5:15 yesterday morning to wake me up to run. My husband assures me that it is a good thing as they aren’t the kinds of words I should be repeating. I have come to the somewhat painful conclusion, after all of my interrupted runs last week and Monday’s planned run after work also being scuttled, that if I want to seriously get my training in for the Princess Half Marathon (less than 4 months to go!) I’m going to have to start running early in the morning. I  have really resisted the idea because I hate waking up early, but especially as my weekday runs get longer going through training, I just don’t see another way to get them done. I really don’t want to short change my training and be unprepared for those 13.1 miles so if this is what I want to do, I just have to do it. Sigh. No one said a half marathon was easy, right?


Don’t I look thrilled?

The really unfortunate “I told you so” kind of part of it is that after those first five minutes where I am hating the world for dragging me out of bed so early, I actually don’t mind it. There’s no traffic at that time of day, so I can easily cross roads I would never cross in the evening and it is really nice to have my scheduled run checked off for the day before anyone else at home is awake. My husband is a light sleeper, but he hasn’t complained yet that this is disrupting his sleep and he seems to go right back to sleep after I get out of bed. I’m able to get my miles in (I think with my training plan, weekday runs will get up to 5 miles – currently 3.5) and get back home before my son wakes up, so I can still do my usual mommy routines and get him ready for school.

Thursday morning, O was crying for me as soon as I came inside, so I went in to his room but I pulled off my tech shirt on the way because it was feeling hot and clammy once I got indoors. That meant I went inside O’s room in my compression pants and sports bra and he touched me very carefully and frowningly told me “Mama wet” and asked for Daddy. He may like the idea of Mommy running but apparently the sweaty-mommy side effects are not to his liking. 🙂

I’m really hoping that “fall back” this weekend will make it feel a little easier because it will feel like I’m sleeping a little later. I also remind myself it is just two days a week – I can definitely handle that. Imagine how superstar I’m going to feel when I’ve run 5 miles before anyone else at home gets up!

Sadly, I am not coherent enough for any of these justifications when the alarm clock goes off. The things I’ll do for this medal:

Screen shot from Disneyparks.disney.go.com

Screen shot from Disneyparks.disney.go.com


3 responses to “Painfully waking up at 5am to run . . .

  1. Lauren says:

    Hi Jessica, thanks for stopping by my blog! Thought I’d come over here and say hi!

    It’s amazing what we’ll all do for that beautiful Princess Half medal :0) The PHM was my first long distance race this year, and I’ll tell you, all the work is SOOOO worth it! Keep up the great work – you got this!!

  2. […] have gone really, partially because I made the painful decision that I need to run early in the morning if I’m going to get my workouts in each week. Seeing the release of the medals this week has […]

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