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Happy Halloween!

on October 31, 2013

According to my two year old, this is Halloween:

imageHe thinks Halloween is the name of this particular yard decoration we have and if someone mentions Halloween, he’ll tell you she’s at home. Very fun to see the confused looks on people’s faces 🙂

For the rest of us, Halloween is more like this:


Despite my massive sweet tooth, Halloween is the rare holiday where I’m really not tempted to over-indulge (if my next post is post-binge remorse, you know I spoke too soon). Two years ago, I got a stomach bug on Halloween and even though it had nothing to do with candy, spending a night up sick leaves me without much of an appetite on Halloween since then. For a lot of people, this just represents the beginning of a holiday season full of temptations and a significant challenge in its own right.

Some things to keep in mind to get through it:

– It is just one day. Even if things get off track, pick up and move on the next day. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the other holidays to come, we have a tendency to celebrate on more than just the holiday itself, turning a day into a week or more than makes it harder to recover.

– Don’t buy the candy that is your particular “crack.” Buy things you don’t like or at least the things you don’t love. (No SweetTarts in our house!)

– Buy healthy snacks to hand out rather than candy. Pre-portioned bags of pretzels or Goldfish crackers help with portion control if you have any leftovers and can be healthier choices. I’ll also say that as a mom, more substance and less candy would be better for my kid too. 🙂

– Pack the treats you are going to distribute up into baggies and seal them shut. In order to snack, you’d have to take the extra step of opening them up and potentially unbalance them (totally unacceptable, right? Or I am the only one that compulsive?).

– Getting non-food items to distribute like temporary tattoos or bubbles or Play-Do would also help with the temptations you have in your house (and again, appreciated as a parent!).

– Plan extra activity during the day to allow yourself a controlled amount of whatever your favorite is. Just be sure to choose something that is worth it!

– DO NOT starve yourself all day to save up calories/points for candy at night. If you go into this hungry, it is much harder to limit what you eat.

– The next day, start getting rid of it. Throw it away, take it to work, mail it to the troops, take it to a local dentist who is doing a Halloween Buy Back, whatever – just get it out of the house. Ours goes to work the very next day and starting next year, we will probably start mailing it to the troops so we can get O involved in the habit of sharing his candy rather than keeping it all. No kid ever really needs that much candy, any more than this mama does!

Is Halloween candy a temptation for you? Any other tips for getting through the night?

My little part-time fireman. We'll see if he wears any of his costume tonight! There's a fireman hat, but so far he prefers his fedora.

My little part-time fireman. We’ll see if he wears any of his costume tonight! There’s a fireman hat, but so far he prefers his fedora.


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