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Grateful for the things running lets me see . . .

on October 24, 2013

*Late post today because I never hit publish when I wrote this! Sorry! Not that anyone is holding their breath wondering where it was (except maybe my husband)

I’ll spend Wednesday night and Thursday catching up at home and work after being out for a few days, but for now I want to take a few moments to be grateful for all of the things I got to see on this trip that I would have never seen if not for the changes I’ve made in the last year. Not only did I see the gorgeous Cliff Walk and mansions, but I also got out to walk around town during the day and in the evenings in a way I never would have before. In the old days, I would have maybe crossed the street for pastries at Panera, but that’s it. Otherwise, it would have been movies and room service in bed in my hotel room. Now that I a) am more familiar with the towns I visit because I run in them and b) am more active in general so walking half a mile to dinner doesn’t seem daunting, I get out to see a lot more of the places I visit for work. Newport was beautiful and absolutely deserted for the most part this week. I’m glad I had a chance to visit!


My favorite sight was this one, when I got home:

image*Extremely grateful that he thinks a hat and mittens are fun as the cold weather has arrived in Nebraska!

3 responses to “Grateful for the things running lets me see . . .

  1. Some beautiful shots! And quite an adorable little one there 😉 LOVE the hat!

  2. He is really into hats. He just switched to his bear hat from the fedora he’s been wearing to school every day for the last few weeks. Gotta love 2 year old style choices!

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