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Running in Rhode Island – another state checked off!

on October 21, 2013

I got up nice and early Sunday morning to head out for my long run for the week thanks to a mix up with the airport shuttle company (called me at 7 am to let me know my shuttle was here for me instead of Wednesday am like I’d booked – my one day to sleep in this trip ruined!). I had 5 miles on the schedule, so I decided to run out to the Cliff Walk from my hotel and run along the coast. The Cliff Walk is a public access path along the coast in Newport that passes behind many of the grand Gilded Age mansions for which Newport is famous. Before Superstorm Sandy, it was apparently 3.5 miles of path but is now significantly shorter as sections are closed for repair. To get my five miles, I combined the cliff walk with some of the surrounding neighborhoods. The architecture and fall colors were gorgeous!





Really gorgeous morning! Some things to be aware of if you’re going to take this route:

imageimage– The path is pretty narrow and the edges can be pretty rocky! Be careful, especially when you’re moving around the walkers and tour groups.

– There are several places where you navigate up and down stairs. Between the narrow path, the walkers and the stairs, I wouldn’t undertake this if you were really interested in working on speed or were serious about a strong steady run. Since this was long run, I was okay with occasionally slowing down for these obstacles.

– There weren’t any restrooms or water stops along the way that I could see (although at some point there were apparently port-a-potties at the Forty Steps, part way down the path). I forgot to bring water with me, which would have made a water fountain nice.

– There are sidewalks through town, to get from the hotels out to the Cliff Walk but there’s also a very easy to navigate bus system (RIPTA). I was able to ride a bus back to my hotel for $2 without worrying about a transfer or anything.

All in all, a gorgeous run and even though I wasn’t worried about pace for most of the run (for reasons outlined above with the path), I did do the last half mile at a sub 10:00 minute mile pace, sticking with my plan to practice a good finishing kick. Between the five mile run and touring some of the mansions before my meeting started at 1 o’clock, I’m finishing my day at 21,000+ steps!

There was one casualty to my day:

imageI was interested in trying out new kinds of socks anyways as I haven’t loved these (from Under Armor). Any sock recommendations?

PS I also realized while running today that I’ve run in North Carolina, which wasn’t on my original list! I’m up to ten states now!

5 responses to “Running in Rhode Island – another state checked off!

  1. Joey says:

    Swiftwick are my sock of choice

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