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Weekly Wrap-up: Back on track

on October 20, 2013

After all of my workout “blahs” last week, I am happy to say that this week was much better! All of my runs felt much more like normal, which was really reassuring since I had a step up in mileage this week.

Weekly Workouts:

3.5 mile run – Monday evening was my first run in the rain, which was really chilly but otherwise nice. I’ve been doing intervals with 10 minute jogs and 1 minute walking, with a pace at 11:20-11:30 minute miles. That is amazingly not much slower than before intervals (11 minute miles then), so I think I’ll definitely stick with that as mileage gets longer.

2 mile run – Tuesday evening, on the treadmill with half a mile at 10:00 minute mile pace which is very speedy for me! Definitely getting faster!

Wednesday – rest day!

40 minute cross training – Thursday at lunch, I walked on campus like I usually do for my cross training days. Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in the fact that I was dressed for a dinner I had to attend right after work:

imageThat skirt is way too narrow for happily striding up and down the hills on campus like I normally do! I found myself taking much faster steps, but much much smaller!  Definitely not the usual mileage I cover in a 45 minute walk on campus. Poor planning on my part!

3.5 mile run – Friday afternoon, on a new (to me) park trail in town, with negative splits at each mile. That felt fantastic! I also got a new fastest mile on my Garmin (love that it tells you that kind of thing after you work out!) with a 10:15 minute mile! There were a couple of gentle little hills and as I was coming to one of them, my timer switched from run to walk interval so I stopped running and walked.  A (very back hairy) guy running up behind me called out to me that I “could keep going! Don’t give up”. It was funny and I lamely tried to call out that it was a scheduled interval. Why oh why did I feel the need to justify myself? Still, he was a cheerful little rah rah along the path.


5 mile run – On deck for Sunday morning in Providence, marking a new state off of my list. Hopefully I’ll have some nice coastal, fall foliage, New England-y pictures for you tomorrow!

I’ve done a great job with my strength training routine every other day! I need to keep it up. If I can keep this routine up for the next couple of weeks, I’ll start doing 2 sets (because this is by no means serious or strenuous strength training but it is a start!). I also snuck in an extra walk while I was on my layover in Minneapolis Saturday. It definitely counts as a workout given how heavy my backpack was, with my laptop and other carry on stuff plus balancing a poster tube.

Last week, my weigh in was at 167, which meant I had to pay at my Weight Watchers meeting for the first time since making Lifetime status. I was okay with that, because I was ready for it (and because I think it is at least partially hormonal). This week, I’m down to 166.4 which is good but still had to pay. Hopefully next week, I’ll be back down below 166.

I’m traveling again this week, in Providence Saturday – Wednesday and then on call for the weekend (Friday evening through next Monday morning) so it will take some planning to get my workouts in. I am looking forward to lots of seafood while I’m in Rhode Island. I was also really pleasantly surprised by the Minneapolis airport on Saturday. While I was taking my walk around the terminal, I ran across a big food stall / space with loads of healthy eating options, including the first salad bar I’ve run across in an airport. I was able to get some fresh fruit and make a salad to go with my sandwich I’d packed from home. (CIBO something, in the G concourse).


Have a good week! Send good vibes to my guys, home without me this week!

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