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Getting faster!

on October 19, 2013

After struggling so much with my runs last week, it’s been really nice to have things go more smoothly this week. On Tuesday, I did a quick two mile run on the treadmill and did half a mile of that run at 10:00 minute miles (and that was in the second mile). The treadmill can be a nice way to work on speeding up for intervals because it artificially imposes the higher pace on you. Even more fun was seeing my miles on my outdoor run Friday afternoon:


I changed into my running clothes before I left work and then stopped at one of the paved running trials that go through the city. It was nice to run somewhere new and if I can remember to bring my workout gear into the office to change into after work, I’ll definitely run here more often.


I’m excited to see such a nice decrease in my times, even with my ten minute jog/1 minute intervals. For the last quarter plus mile, my Garmin showed a pace around 9:30 which is truly speedy for me! I’m trying to work on speeding up at the last part of my training runs so that I can finish strong in my next race. This time, I had a much bigger kick at the end and I think that’s because I concentrated on increasing my foot turnover rather than my natural tendency to lengthen my stride to speed up.

As I’m doing the “finish it” plan for the half marathon, there really isn’t speed work on the schedule but I think I’ll continue to work on working in some informal speed work, like the treadmill intervals and picking up the pace at the end of my runs. Who knows – maybe it is my week of regular strength training me up. No matter how it happens, I’m glad to see progress in my running.

Here’s wishing safe and joyful runs to you all this weekend!

Send good vibes to my guys, who are alone again for a few days while I’m on the road for work. O tried to climb into my suitcase last night and part of me wishes he could come with me.



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