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Weekly Wrap-Up: A little off kilter, but I survived

on October 13, 2013

For some reason, I’ve been really off kilter all week. Runs have felt harder but even more than the difficulty finishing them has been the lack of oomph in getting them started! This is the first week I’ve had since I started training in early July for the 10K where I’ve had to really work to find the motivation to get my workouts in. I’m not sure if I’m still trying to catch from a really rough travel day to start my week (got home from San Francisco at 2 am Monday thanks to flight delays!) or if it’ is just PMS or what. It hasn’t been just workouts – I haven’t really felt like cooking dinner much this week either, which means we’ve eaten out a lot more than usual (resulting in the first week since earning Lifetime status at Weight Watchers that I’ve had to pay a weekly meeting fee! I handled well at the meeting though – thank goodness I’d weighed myself at home and knew it was coming!). There were some good things in this week, including an award at work and a major project finished. I also found lots of inspiration in the Exposed movement this week (although I will be completely honest and say I wish the twitter preview had been any photo but my actual belly with that post! I still have a long way to go!)

Workouts for the week:

4 miles: on the treadmill Wednesday, my first workout of the week. Since I was feeling so off this week and had already taken Monday and Tuesday off, I wanted to get my long run of the week done early while I actually had a workout started. I was worried I would never get it done if I didn’t cross it off the list early! Even though it was on the treadmill, which felt a little like cheating, but I did work in intervals of several different speeds, up to 10 minute miles which are speedy for me!

3 miles: late Thursday night in my neighborhood – still felt sluggish, but it felt good to get those miles in on the road.

2 miles: Friday after work on the treadmill; 11 minute miles for the whole thing, which is faster than I usually sustain on the treadmill. Since I couldn’t take a rest day after my long run of the week (4 miles), I thought tapering my lengths down for a few days was a good idea.

30 minute cross training: 35 minutes walking in my neighborhood, covering almost 2 miles, during O’s nap Saturday. I was dressed to go workout after my Weight Watchers meeting and actually planned to go to the park for my 3 miles, but couldn’t make myself do it. Maybe it is good for my legs not to run four days in a row anyway, even if they are short runs this week.

3 miles: Sunday morning, in my neighborhood, before I can talk myself out of it (writing this here now, Saturday night, will hopefully force me to follow through in the morning!). Given how sluggish I’m feeling this week, I have been working on 10 minute run: 1 minute walk intervals with my road runs and those have been working well. I may keep that up for half marathon training.

I’ve also done a couple of strength training sessions and have the sore arms / chest to show for it!

In the spirit of modeling active family life for our little guy, we went out Saturday afternoon to Fontanelle Forest, a local wooded park / path / nature center that was having a Halloween celebration. O was an unusually dressed fireman (swapped his firehat for his fedora after about 60 seconds) and asked that I approach everyone in a costume before he did, but overall it was a great afternoon to be out wandering as a family!


Bless his little heart, he really is an amazing little soul and demonstrates so often how much he is naturally drawn to healthier choices. On the way to the forest, we stopped for gas and went in to get my husband a drink. We also let O pick out a snack because truthfully, he was cranky after a short nap and we (even though we know better than to bribe him with food!) let him pick out whatever snack he wanted to try to cheer him up. Faced with a wall full of Oreos, chips, Keebler cookies and other goodies, he chose the freeze dried strawberries and bananas. If only we kept that kind of natural inclination!

This week is survived, with all the workouts marked off the list, even if they didn’t feel like the bounciest, most quality runs I’ve had. Here’s hoping next week goes better! My plan calls for a significant step up in mileage (3.5 miles, 3.5 miles, 5 miles, 2 miles & 40 minutes cross training), so let’s hope I find more oomph! I also need to be more aware about spacing my rest days more appropriately – starting the workout week with two rest days definitely makes it feel more pressured for the rest of the week.

Good luck with your workouts next week!


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