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Weight Loss Wednesday: Stepping outside of my fashion comfort zone

on October 9, 2013

I was in San Francisco last week for work and was fascinated by the difference in West Coast fashion and what I typically see in Omaha. I’ve always been fairly conservative with clothes and I’m not sure if that’s my actual style preference or if I’ve just always avoided drawing attention to myself because of my size. I’ve definitely noticed that I’m taking more steps outside my fashion comfort zone now that I’ve settled into a smaller size. I should not that I’m talking about anything wildly exciting or risky — I feel brave when I wear a scarf or colored pants (or both together like today! yikes!).


Thanks to the chill in the San Francisco air, I ended up buying a pair of black tights to wear with a dress I’d brought and I felt really risky wearing tights with my leopard shoes, even though I know objectively it was fine (right? – ugh – no self confidence about dressing myself!).


I also find myself gravitating to more fitted clothes and am amazed at how much more flattering these pieces are than the baggy things I used to think were flattering. As much as I’m enjoying playing with new things, it does make me a little sad to think about how little attention I paid to what I wore when I was plus size. I just felt so undeserving of nice things, so unfeminine and unpretty and this is just so wrong and unfair. Whatever your body size is, you deserve to feel nice about how you look. Thankfully, more stores at more price points are offering stylish and flattering clothes. Authentically Emmie does a great job covering some of the options and you should definitely check her out. Old Navy and Target are getting more and nicer plus size options, as is H&M, although some things are still only online. It’s just nice to have an option other than very expensive options at some department stores or Lane Bryant. Thrift stores are also helpful, especially if  you’re losing weight and changing sizes frequently, and on some weight loss message boards, you’ll find clothing swaps or giveaways as people move down in size.

I know (seriously know, as a complete introvert) how tempting and easy it is to hide behind your clothes, but think about what you’re doing and why. Don’t feel like it isn’t worth the effort because of your body right now – you deserve to feel good, no matter the number on the size tag.


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