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Weekly Wrap Up: Surviving San Francisco

on October 5, 2013


As this posts, I am hopefully on my way to my long run for the week (4 miles). Post with pictures tomorrow! I’m really enjoying running in San Francisco – gorgeous weather this week! My workouts for the week have gone well. This week is my first official week of half marathon training with my hybrid Higdon/Galloway training plan. I’m excited to get here because:

A) That means the Princess Half Marathon is that much closer and

B) One of my goals for September was not just to finish the 10K but also to keep running after that and not rest on my laurels or chicken out!

My workouts for the week:

– 30 minute cross training: Walk at lunch Monday.

– 2 mile run: on deck for Sunday morning!

– 3 mile run: Tuesday evening in my neighborhood. Significant chunks of that run, I was running at or below 10 minute miles (very speedy for me!). I may really have that pace in me. Do I want to pursue that now or work on getting faster after I finish the half marathon? Something to ponder.

– 3 mile run in San Francisco: Awesome experience running in the city with great new sights!

– 4 miles: Saturday morning (post and pics to come!)

I’m on the road this week for work and so far, I’m satisfied with my food and activity choices so far. As I discussed earlier in the week, I brought my homemade oatmeal packets for breakfast which has been very easy and yummy (used water heated in the coffee maker). Between my hotel and the convention center, I pass a Target where I’ve stopped each morning to pick up a bottle of water and fruit for the day. I’ve been very grateful for these snacks as I navigate the exhibit hall, packed with cookies, candy, pretzels and milkshakes from the various vendors. Resisting those temptations in the exhibit hall means I’ve been able to indulge in some truly fantastic dining experiences for dinners guilt-free (Fifth Floor Restaurant at Hotel Paloma, Fang). I had uni for the first time and felt a bit like an Iron Chef judge, which was fun. 🙂

My hotel is 3/4 mile from the convention center, which means I’m getting in some nice walks during the day. The convention center we’re at is huge too – I’m easily getting 10,000+ steps a day beyond my workouts. I even got my “2000 mile” badge from FitBit this week. I’ve walked half the length of the Great Wall of China in the last year or so, which is pretty awesome!

FitBit 2000 mile badge

On this trip, I did get to visit one of my favorite stores:


4 stories of Williams Sonoma Flagship goodness. My husband is probably glad my suitcase was too small for shopping this trip! Who knows what I would bring home (although I would seriously love a Le Crueset Dutch oven one day and seriously, who would not be tempted by this wall of toys!):


I hope your training week has gone well. Have a great week!

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