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Weekly Recap: First week post 10K & I kept running!

on September 29, 2013

I know that is a weird sort of accomplishment, but I was a little worried I’d hit the not insignificant milestone of my first 10K and decide that was enough. It was 6.2 miles, something unimaginable a year ago and something that was fun and empowering. It is a big and worthy achievement in itself, but I promised myself more. I promised myself a half marathon.

There is definitely part of my mind that immediately started getting a little freaked out after the 10K by the idea of really training for a half marathon. Despite doing the 10K, which is almost half the distance I’ll need for the Princess Half Marathon, part of my brain doesn’t believe that I could ever actually complete 13.1 miles. Given all that, it really does feel like a huge accomplishment for me this week to step right back into the runs I had planned for this transition week between the 10K and half marathon training. I may be a little intimidated by the idea of half marathon training, but I will not let that keep me from doing this! Onward!

Workouts this week:

Sunday 9/22/13: Omaha 10K! Longest run ever, met my primary goal of running it all and finished faster than I expected (68 minutes)! We spent the afternoon walking around a local pumpkin patch, tacking an extra 6000 steps onto my day. Good practice for walking around Epcot after the Half Marathon, right?

Monday 9/23/13: Rest day!

Tuesday 9/24/13: Walking, 35 minutes

Wednesday 9/25/13: Run on a treadmill; started out slow, with a plan to finish 30 minutes without worrying about my pace. It felt a lot harder than I expected and I definitely went much slower than I was pre-10K, finishing 2.43 miles in 30 minutes

Thursday 9/26/13: Another treadmill run – only a smidge faster; 2.46 miles in 30 minutes

Friday 9/25/13: 60 minutes walking outside

Saturday 9/26/13: First run for distance post 10K, with a plan for 3 miles. I’m thinking about doing walk/run intervals for the half marathon, so practiced with a 10 minute run and 1 minute walk break. I ended up with an overall pace of 11:20 minute:mile, which is much better than the two treadmill runs of the week and closer to the 11 minute miles I was running in 10K training. It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon and I felt good for the most part (a couple of steeper hills than I was expecting, since I was running a slightly new route). My 2 year old always picks me flowers, which I think is absolutely sweet, so I found a couple for him on my run and brought them home. He was a little grumpy because his nap had been delayed, so he definitely needed the cheering up. The look on his sweet face was definitely a nice reward.


It’s been a long day, so we all needed little bright spots like this. We spent a few hours watching someone else’s toddler, which was fine except the big chunk of time where he was missing his mommy and needed me to hold him for everything. Bless my guy’s heart, he didn’t mind sharing his own mommy and tried to cheer our little house guest up. Such a good soul! With the little guest, O’s nap ended up being pushed late and was woefully short because he was so overtired by the time he finally did get to nap. He was so tired and cranky this evening, which puts mama a little on edge too. Into that mix comes the Pizza Hut delivery man with the pizza my husband ordered for dinner:


I can objectively acknowledge that Pizza Hut’s pizza is so not worth it and yet the smell of that pizza, when I was tired and left alone with it, was really hard to resist. More than the pizza, for me, were the breadsticks. Pre-weight loss, I routinely at an entire large serving of breadsticks as well as at least a medium pizza. Cheesy garlic breadsticks were my comfort food drug of choice, for sure. I have no idea how many grapes I ate during the time I was resisting the breadsticks, but I did resist the breadsticks I am proud to say. Bless my husband, he did offer to take it out of the room to eat if I needed it. I wasn’t even hungry – the scent memory just pulled really hard at my control tonight.

Next week I officially start the half marathon part of my training plan. I have three runs: 3 miles, 3 miles and 4 miles, plus a cross training session and a fifth workout that will be either cross training or a 2 mile run.  I’ll be traveling, which is always interesting in navigating finding healthy food, safe places to run and ways to avoid emotional eating because I’m missing my guys back home. Wish me luck (and my husband, who’ll be home with the 2 year old playing solo parent!).

Have a good week everyone!


9 responses to “Weekly Recap: First week post 10K & I kept running!

  1. Sounds like a great week! I didn’t feel that way about the 10K, but I do feel that way about the half. What if I run it and then never want to run again? What if I get race-depression and can’t bring myself to run anymore or nothing seems as exciting? Interesting what our brains do to us. My week this week was identical to your week next week! Well, minus the cross training b/c I’m still trying to take it slow coming back from this injury.

    • I’m already thinking about the post-PHM depression, especially since there will be some post-vacation blues since we’re turning it into a family vacation trip. I’ll just have to find a new goal for the spring I guess. 🙂

  2. leannenalani says:

    I was in the same boat on pizza back in the day, so I feel your pain. My husband gets those hot n’ ready $6 pizzas from Little Caesar’s almost on a weekly basis. It’s the smell that makes it difficult, because it sure doesn’t taste that great like you said! Good luck on the half-marathon training!

    • I’ll be gone for 5 days this week and my husband will probably eat pizza every day, despite me leaving other food. He’s really good about not eating it often in front of me because of the smell, so I don’t mind that he goes a little overboard when I’m out of town!

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