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Don’t do anything to lose the weight you aren’t willing to do every day!

on September 25, 2013

For Weight Loss Wednesday, I find myself thinking about the best piece of advice I came across when I was starting this journey: Don’t do anything to lose the weight that you are not willing to do every day for the rest of your life. I cannot tell you how many times I reminded myself of this along the way, when I had stalled out in a bit of a plateau or read about the new latest diet cure all. I thought of it when I was tempted by well meaning friends who would talk about how Weight Watchers hadn’t worked for them, but the new “xyz” thing they’re doing is fantastic! Something different works for everyone, I know, but there were definitely times it was tempting to take shortcuts. I got especially tripped up any time I found myself up against a timeline for weight loss. When I told myself I would really like to reach Onederland for New Years (i.e. below 200 lbs for the first time in ages), I found myself eating less than I knew I should and letting myself get hungry. I completely avoided certain foods. All things that I knew I couldn’t do in the long run. I stalled out right before my goal and found myself tempted again. It is so hard to stay on the path to a healthy lifestyle rather than a diet, but it’s a choice you have to make every day.

For me, I know that the only way I’m going to keep this weight off is to keep doing the things that helped me lose the weight in the first place. That means there can’t be foods I can never have – I can’t live like that. If you tell me I can’t have pizza, that’s all I’m going to want. I can live with “Not right now” a whole lot easier than “Never”. “Not right now” gives me the control, not the diet, if that makes sense?

That also meant along the way I had to find things that I could do forever that fit in this healthy lifestyle. I found running, which I love, and Zumba, which I love. I tried a stripper workout class – interesting, but not something I could rely on for fitness for the rest of my life (and wow the bruises!). I found that weighing in and going to meetings every week really helped me (and I still go now – even when I don’t weigh in). I found healthy foods that I love and can happily eat every day forever. The process of losing weight teaches you what you’ll need to maintain if you pay attention to what works for you and what doesn’t.

Every day, I wake up and make the choice to keep doing things I know I can do every day and not let the number on the scale or the way my pants fit send me down the rabbit hole of quick fixes. I may not say “Never” about any foods, but I am saying “Never” about regaining this weight. I am never going there again.

imageNever going here again. This picture is from our trip to Disney World in 2010. My little boy looked at it yesterday morning and pointed out Buzz and Daddy and when I asked him who else was in the picture, he pointed at me and said “who that”. I said “Mommy” and he “no, no mommy”. Looking at the picture, which is certainly not flattering, I can see where he wouldn’t think that was me. I am grateful that he won’t remember me that way. I want to be sure I continue to be a healthy role model for him. That’s a good reason to make those healthy choices every day.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve heard about making a lifestyle change?


9 responses to “Don’t do anything to lose the weight you aren’t willing to do every day!

  1. Desiree' says:

    This is so very true! This isn’t a diet this is your life now! I find that omitting things make you just crave it all the more and that leads to binging. So I just try to plan ahead. On days where I know I’ll be eating out of my “now” norm, I make sure I squeeze in more exercise that day. It may not counterbalance it all but it keeps it in my head that at least I’m not skipping a workout and slipping back into bad habits.

    Great post!

    • I handle it the same way! If I know things are coming up that are going to be higher calorie splurges, I make room for them in my other daily eating to some extent and then know I’ll have to put in a little extra activity. All things people without a weight problem probably do unconsciously, I know, but I still have to think about it every time. I don’t mind that, though, because those kind of events are part of real life and learning how to handle them is crucial!

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