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Weekly Recap: Getting ready for the 10K!

on September 21, 2013

This week has been lighter than normal on workouts as I get ready for the 10K. I used a slight variation of the Hal Higdon 10K Novice plan with minor variations based on my work schedule. Given that, this week I only had two runs: 3 miles and 2 miles, both done on the treadmill to avoid aggravating my plantar fasciitis before the 10K. I varied the pacing for both of them and ended up finishing with an overall pace between 10-11 minute miles for both, which is where I’d like to be for the 10K (although I know that would mean I was having a really great day!). For cross-training, I took a couple of walks and then really tried to rest Friday and Saturday before the 10K. All I’ve done on the rest days is some gentle yoga stretching to keep things loose. My new favorite, as recommended by Sage Rountree in a yoga for runners podcast on Another Mother Runner, is resting with my legs up against the wall:


Seriously relaxing and a nice gentle hamstring stretch. Try it out!

I’ve had some nerves about the 10K, definitely. The Athlete Guide freaked me out a bit (see I’m an athlete?) and I think I checked Sunday’s weather every day this week. Looking good so far!


I’ll be glad when tomorrow gets here!

I’ve had some nice non-scale victories this week (and the scale is okay too – down a little over a pound from last week, although I’ve been more focused on the 10K than the scale this week). I can now wear turtle necks! With my chubby face before, I looked ridiculous in them, but now they look okay:


I had a long day in the car this week, driving 2 hours up to Sioux City to give a talk and then back that afternoon. As I’ve talked about before, the car is definitely a binge site for me but I made sure to bring along some fruit so I’d have healthy snacks. The drive up was okay, with pretty scenery and weather to watch along the way:


Leaving was a different matter. I knew from checking the radar that it was going to rain on me the whole way home. I got held up with questions after my talk, so I was leaving later than planned and would be getting back to Omaha just in time to hit 5 o’clock traffic. I was in a somber mood because the talk right after mine, which I stayed for so that I could be available during the subsequent break for any follow up questions people had for me, was about childhood obesity. Particularly sobering was the discussion about adolescent bariatric surgery and it really drove home how important it was that we taught O how to have a healthy lifestyle so that he could avoid the weight and health struggles we’ve had and so many children are experiencing now. I had a headache and couldn’t find a vending machine in the conference center to grab a drink for the ride home. This was right next to the conference center:

imageI can say that I only got the large Diet Dr Pepper I was planning on, to take my Excedrin and have something to drink on the way home. I can’t say it was easy to resist the urge to get fries and “what the heck, might as well get the value meal for the same price” like I have so many times in the past. I resisted, but headache-y and stressed about the two hour rainy drive ahead of me, it was a touch and go thing. I was relieved to pull out of that parking lot. My husband was surprised to see the McDonald’s cup when I got home but bless him, didn’t ask if I’d gotten anything other than the drink.

Send us good weather vibes for the weekend! Next time you hear from me, I’ll have my very first 10K under my belt!


2 responses to “Weekly Recap: Getting ready for the 10K!

  1. Jaime says:

    i am a new reader (saw you on runsforcookies) and OMG about the turtle neck. I cannot wear them due to an enlarged thyroid (oh that sounds so attractive, i swear im in my 30’s and its not noticeable except by a doc with their hands around my neck)

    • I had the same problem for years. My thyroid was enlarged (goiter) but my labs were normal. It was oh so attractive. Glad to know that I’m not the only one that has experienced that. Thankfully, that appears to have gotten better as I’ve lost weight!

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