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A quick nighttime run: A sign I might be a little hooked!

on September 16, 2013

On Thursday night, I ended up doing a quick (very quick! yay for getting faster!) nighttime run around my neighborhood. It wasn’t at all what I had planned for the day. I had a two mile run on the training schedule and planned on getting out of work at around 430 so I could stop at the gym and get the run in quickly on the treadmill before going to daycare to get O. It would be good to get some faster interval work in on the treadmill to make this shorter run feel more worthwhile. Unfortunately, the car dealership that had my car for an oil change that day didn’t end up getting it back to me until almost 5, totally derailing that workout plan. It’s amazing how much little deviations in the schedule throw things off for this working mama, but it’s hard to fit everything in! Instead, I ended up getting O at daycare and hitting the grocery store to combine dinner (salad bar – love that O will happily chow down on cherry tomatoes, kidney beans,  yogurt & fruit and call it dinner!) and picking up some essentials we were low on. I swear I am in that HyVee every day! Hubby was working late, so it was a nice little date night for me and O. Since he was sick a couple of weeks ago, he’s been a really mommy-loving mood, which I do not mind at all. 🙂

We got home and got to work on prepping breakfast & lunch for the next day, then on to bath time. The whole time we’re doing this, as much as I love that kind of one-on-one time with my little guy, part of my mind is thinking “I need to run, when can I run” – not in a guilty, obligatory way but in “I was looking forward to this” kind of way. I had no idea when hubby would get home from work because he was tied up in a big project, so there was no guarantee I’d get to run at all. That did not stop me from changing into my running clothes while O was in the bathtub (I was in there with him, don’t worry!).

After he went to bed (is there anything better than hearing a little voice say “love you Mommy”?), I found myself talking myself out of putting the monitor on the front steps and running up and down the street. Seriously. How crazy would I have looked to my neighbors just running up and down the street? And I don’t know that it is remotely safe or legal to leave my two year old alone in the house while I’m running outside, even if he was theoretically asleep. At that point, I realized I may be a little hooked on this running thing.

Happily for me and for my poor hubby, he got home a little after 8 and he sent me out to run. It was a gorgeous night! This pic does no justice to the moon and stars I could see, even in the suburbs. Glorious and cool enough that I was thinking about going inside for a jacket, fall has finally arrived!

Night Run 9.12.13

I took off far faster than I normally run outside (at one point, the GPS said I was at a sub-10 minute mile, which is super speedy for me!) and made a few loops of the block to get my two miles in. I saw a couple of really big spiders – or one very speedy spider who intercepted me twice along the path – causing me to incorporate a couple of skips into this run. Apparently the spiders were enjoying the evening too. By the end of the run, I was no longer chilly but I was definitely one happy mother runner.


Seriously! Check out the size of that spider!


One response to “A quick nighttime run: A sign I might be a little hooked!

  1. Ewww! That’s BIG! I have not run very often at night because I can never wait all day. LOL. I did really enjoy the glow run at night that I did back in June, it was so much fun! I think it would be really fun to go run in the fall..oooh…maybe on Halloween? I don’t know, I’m just talking out loud here. LOL

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