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Weekly Re-cap: New long run with a week until the 10K!

on September 15, 2013

Activity wise, this has definitely been a good week for me. I’ve really enjoyed all of my runs (especially since the weather has changed and is so nice and fall-like) and gained a new appreciation of my cross-training walks. I’ve been good about stretching and cross-training and my feet are feeling good (knock on wood!). I have a week until my first 10K and the forecast currently has a 60% chance of rain for that day, which would not be fun, but I won’t get super worried about that until it gets here. Thankfully, I just listened to the Another Mother Runner podcast about running in the rain and I’ll go back to listen again if I need to.

Food wise, the week has not been as great. I’ve been having lots of hungry days, which is weird. Nothing has changed in my daily food intake and my workouts haven’t bumped much. I think it might be residual fatigue/stress from last weekend when O was sick plus a ton of deadlines at work. Things have settled a bit at work and O is better (knock on wood – toddler in daycare, so that is always temporary!) so maybe that will get better. I’ve had more than one night this week where I found myself mindlessly munching on grapes or watermelon despite my no-fruit-after dinner rule. Maybe not coincidentally, my weight has been up all week around 168. I’m going to work on the fruit, because it’s a bad habit and I should not be  using fruit as a self-soother if this is a stress thing, but I’m otherwise not going to worry about my weight next week because I’ll be going into the 10K and my focus should be on fueling that correctly, not restricting calories in any way (obviously not going to use it as an excuse for a carb-a-thon though – it’s only 6 miles after all).

I have had a couple of nice non-scale victories this week, though. My wedding ring is now loose on even my middle finger and fits my index finger now (and even that is loose), so it is probably time to get it re-sized. I’ve put it off because it is platinum and I don’t want to re-size it more than once. I’d hate to lose it though, so it’s time to deal with it.


I also wore heels all day at work on Thursday, which doesn’t seem like a non-scale victory maybe, but it really is given I could never wear them all day when I was heavier. It’s much easier to walk around in heels for 12 hours (given that I stopped for dinner & groceries with O still wearing them) when there’s 100 pounds less balanced on those little points. If I do say so myself, I looked pretty hot that day too in my heels and pencil skirt. 🙂 I was getting lots of second looks from guys that day (sorry honey!). Yet another reason to get my wedding ring moved to the correct finger, right?


Tuesday night, treadmill 3 miles: Too late and stormy to run in the neighborhood, so had to truck it to the gym (See The Joy of Movement)

Thursday night, outside in the neighborhood, 2 miles: Includes my fastest training mile yet, with a sub 10 minute pace on the GPS for part of it! Very speedy for me!

Saturday morning, 5.5 miles in the park in <61 minutes (See New Long Run)


Cross Training:

Monday, 60 minute walk through the neighborhood: I’m amazed at how much faster my walking pace is now – 18 minute miles rather than 20 minute miles, without really thinking about picking up the pace

Wednesday, 40 minute walk: To the library during the middle of the day, with a walk around the block at night to finish up

Next week:

Next week is my last week before the 10K! I’ll have a 3 mile run on Monday and a 2 mile run on Wednesday. On Tuesday and Thursday I’ll have 30 minutes of cross training, with rest days on Friday and Saturday before the race Sunday. Think non-rainy thoughts for all of the runners in Omaha next weekend!


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