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New longest run: 5.5 miles on a lovely Saturday morning

on September 14, 2013


I am so glad the weather has finally turned here in Nebraska! Hopefully, we’re fully into fall at this point. The 10 day forecast is full of 70-80 degree days, which seems much more September-like than the 90+ weather we had last week. Of course, the 10 day forecast also includes a 60% chance of rain on 10K day which I really hope changes before that day gets here! That wouldn’t be much fun and more importantly, that would mean my two favorite guys wouldn’t be waiting for me at the finish line.

This morning, I started off with going to Weight Watchers to share my “Believe and Succeed” story, about why I lost weight and why I felt like I would continue to succeed. It felt a little awkward talking about it at my regular meeting, just because I feel like they’ve heard it before as we’ve gone through this journey but I guess very few of them have been there for the whole journey and there are certainly new people. I had before pictures to share and brought one of my husband’s shirts that didn’t fit me when I started this journey as “visual aids” for people, at my leader’s suggestion. I had several people come to me after and tell me how inspiring I was, which was really nice, and there was one woman wiping her eyes as I was talking (my loving hubby said it was probably just allergies!). I also told the group about my plan to run the Princess Half Marathon, which my leader Noreen loved because she was the one who suggested it in the first place. She said she couldn’t wait to see the medal. Me either!

After Weight Watchers, I went home to pick up my guys and head to the park. After last week’s stomach pain with the 5K, I wanted a chance to practice pre-race fueling a little better so I had oatmeal and fruit at my Weight Watchers meeting at 7 (and coffee – must have coffee). By the time I finished at Weight Watchers and went home to get the boys, my run started a little around 830, so I thought an hour and a half would be enough time for things to settle. I also brought along water, water + Nuun for after the run and some grapes for after the run. My guys were planning on playing on the playground and wandering the park while I ran.

It was a chilly morning to start out, but I didn’t wear a jacket or anything knowing I’d warm up soon enough. My plan for this run was to run as much of it as possible, with walk breaks for one minute every two miles to simulate the water stations that will be at the race next week. I can’t drink and run very well (not coordinated) and will need to walk through water stations. I thought it would be a good idea to practice picking running back up after a short walk break, because I know from past experiences that can be tough. I think it was so tough in the past because I wouldn’t walk until I was totally spent, leaving me with no reserves to pick up and go again. Hopefully, doing this at water stops and therefore before I’m totally spent will make that less of an issue. Who knows – if weather.com is right, I might also be taking walk breaks to skirt around big puddles!

It was gorgeous and definitely fall-like at the lake. Leaves were floating down around me any time I went through a patch of trees, which was lovely. There were loads of people out running and walking and biking this morning and it was fun to feel like part of the active tribe these days. I even crossed paths with someone new from the Weight Watchers meeting this morning who cheered me on. I love this trail because the scenery changes so often, from trees and quaint little bridges to fields to views of the lake itself. I went around in a direction I haven’t been before, so there’s definitely the thrill of exploration too.


My pacing was very steady, even with the walk breaks and I ended up covering the 5.5 miles on the schedule today at 11 minute miles, which is a great pace for me! Regularly running outside, as opposed to the treadmill, has done great things for my speed overall. One mile clocked in at 10:35, a very quick mile for me. The walk breaks worked well, although both of them ended up being around 1:30 rather than a minute (that minute goes fast!). The miles that started with a walk break were a little slower, but not much, so I think that approach will definitely work for the 10K next week.

This was definitely one of my favorite things to run across this morning:


Someone had written in sidewalk chalk encouraging words for Angie (who is apparently training for the Chicago marathon) to see as she did her training run. It was such a sweet idea!

My other favorite sight was this one, as I was finishing:


So nice to have my two favorite guys coming up to meet me! All in all, a great run. I was definitely feeling it by the end, but only in the quarter mile. I have no doubt I’ll be able to do the 10K next week if I just keep my head and keep my pace steady. My stomach felt fine, so oatmeal, fruit & coffee will definitely be the way to go next Sunday morning. On a totally girly note, I tried out new lipstick (Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in a berry color) and gel eyeliner (CoverGirl flame gel in the gold color) this morning and they also didn’t budge despite my sweating (must think of the post race photo, right?).


After the run, I spent a little time exploring the woods with my guys. O definitely wanted to lead the way. It was great to have them in the park with me while I ran. O kept his daddy very busy on the playground equipment, looking at the water, watching the dogs, playing with sticks and the thousand other things that two year old boys find fascinating. It was a great start to our weekend. Hope your weekend goes as well!



3 responses to “New longest run: 5.5 miles on a lovely Saturday morning

  1. Congrats on the run! Good luck on your race, sounds like you are ready!!! 🙂

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