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The joy of movement

on September 13, 2013

I had a three mile run on the schedule for Tuesday evening and was excited to get outside because the weather was finally shifting away from the 90+ heat and humidity we’ve had for the last week to something more fall like. The sky was beautiful and I was looking forward to getting the little man to bed so I could head out!

Unfortunately, those clouds were moving toward our neighborhood, not away from it and soon there was lightening crashing down everywhere. If I was going to get my run it, it would have to be at the gym (hubby was adamant I not run outside in that storm). After three runs in a row outside, I really wasn’t looking forward to hitting the treadmill. I was even more disappointed when I realized that I was on the last chapter of the book I’ve been reading on the iPad while I run (Run Like a Mother – Love it! Like having two friends entertain me while I run!) so I didn’t even have that to look forward to.

Regardless, this close to the 10K, I don’t have a whole lot of wiggle room in what workouts I do on any given day, so I started up the treadmill to get this 3 miles in (Side note: I wonder when my brain shifted to think “It’s just 3 miles” – I’ve lost my mind!).

As I started running, within a few minutes I was really struck by how amazing it felt to move my arms and legs so freely and easily, at how good my body felt in motion now that I was taking care of it. For so long, I took my body for granted as I abused it and trudged through life. There are moments, like running on that treadmill Tuesday night, where I am really struck by how much better my body feels now. Not just lighter, but free and somehow joyful.

At the end of the run, I was my usual hot sweaty mess, but I was a hot sweaty mess that felt strong and cleansed and free. We really are amazingly made. It made me think of something I heard Dimity say on an old Another Mother Runner podcast I listened to recently (to paraphrase): There may come a day when I can no longer run, but that day is not today. So I run.

I run to stay sane. I run to keep those 110 pounds from ever returning. I run for my heart and my insulin receptors. I run so that I can run through the castle at Walt Disney World in less than 6 months! Most importantly, I run because it feels good and it honors this body I’m so grateful to have.

Why do you run?


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