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Running Gear: Must have all the things!

on September 5, 2013

We made an impulse stop into the local running store (Red Dirt Running) over the long weekend. I was amused (and my husband probably a little chagrined) to realize there really wasn’t anything in there I needed because I’ve accumulated so much stuff. Starting a new hobby is such a good excuse to go shopping, right? In all seriousness, these are things I’ve found useful so far and I’ve managed to avoid spending a fortune. These are options that work for me, but there are definitely higher end versions available if you want to spend more money.  **Caveat: not a sponsored post – just things I like so far.

(By the way, I ended buying some Nuun to try – Triple Berry – because I could not leave empty handed and I have been wanting to try it. Like it!).

Headphones and iPhone holder

Right now, I’m liking the TuneBelt Sport Armband for the iPhone. My phone (iPhone 4) fits in the pocket with its silicone sleeve still on and it feels very secure (used to have one from Grantwood Technologies called TuneBand that did not have a cover over the front and my phone popped out while running!). Through the clear plastic screen, the touch screen is definitely not as sensitive as it is normally, but it works well enough. I like that it has the little velcro piece on the side to secure the cord for my headphones and it doesn’t rub or irritate my arm.

I use the JVC inner ear sports clip headphones (HAEBX85V according to my Amazon order) and find that they’re really secure. I don’t notice they’re there at all and it came with a couple of alternate size ear pieces, which was nice since I have small ears.


As opposed to small ears, I have a giant head! I went into the running store to try on visors instead of buying one online and I’m glad I did. All of the women’s visors were too small for my big noggin’. This one is from Nike and is the unisex model, even though it is hot pink. It’s the DriFit fabric and it is wonderfully wicking. In my “Mental Tips” post you can see the serious amount of sweat it absorbs from my face. Love it and it was about 20 bucks, so a much better way to keep sun out of my face than spending $100+ on fancy sunglasses. I’m not sure I trust myself with sunglasses that expensive yet.


I run with a Timex GPS (Timex Women’s Marathon GPS speed & distance watch T5K698) to keep track of my distance and speed. If I’m just out for time, I use my regular watch or the timer on the phone. I got this early on in my running when I was having a hard time judging my pace when I was outside, but didn’t want to invest the bigger $$ for a Garmin and it works for those purposes. It’s functionality is more limited than the Garmin, certainly, and the instructions were really not great, but I find it useful for tracking my distance when I’m not running on a set track and for glancing down at to regulate my pace while I’m running. I really haven’t downloaded any data from it to see how that works because I usually make note of my time and distance as soon as I finish the run and am not really into analyzing my splits or anything at this point. At some point I may step up to the Garmin to have more sophisticated options, but this has worked nicely for me as a beginner.

SPI Belt

If I’m on call and need my work phone, running away from home and need my keys or need to carry fuel, I use this nifty SPI belt from Nathan. It’s really flat, doesn’t shift around on my waist or rub and holds a surprising amount of stuff for being so small. The only negative is that the loose ends kind of bounce along like a tail occasionally.


The most important safety consideration is to pay attention to your surroundings! Other things that I always have: my phone (on which I use the RoadID app that tracks my path and sends notices to my husband about where I am, as well as alarms him if I stop moving for too long), my RoadID bracelet and if I’m not in my immediate neighborhood, a little canister of pepper spray. Be sure you know the pepper spray laws in  your state and read the instructions. The RoadID bracelet was fairly cheap and has a metal plate on it with my name, year of birth, pertinent medical info (a drug allergy in my case), emergency contacts and in my last line I put a little motivational saying for myself (One Step at a Time!). Having your name, age, medical info and emergency contact info is really helpful for your care providers if, heaven forbid, something were to happen to you while you were out alone.

The clothes are where I really get sucked into buying things I don’t really need but that’s probably another post! I’m early enough in my mileage that I haven’t started playing with fueling yet, but I’ll let you know when I do how things go and if that requires any new toys. For now, I just stick with old school raisins for 4+ mile runs and that seems to work well.

What have you found useful?


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