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Weekly wrap-up

on September 1, 2013

I’m really excited that I managed to get in all of my work outs this week despite being on call! I never would have made exercise a priority like this before. A training plan is really motivating, apparently.

Runs this week:

  • 3 miles – Done late Monday night (35 minutes)
  • 4.5 miles – Done late Wednesday night. I decided to ramp the speed up a lot (for me anyway – 6.2 mph) at the very end of my run to practice that last oomph for crossing the finish line. It was tough, but really rewarding to end my run on such a high note.  (52:30 minutes)
  • 2 miles – Done Friday afternoon in less than 22 minutes! Very speedy for me!

Given the heat advisory we’ve been under all week (and the fact that I didn’t want to run off too far away from home in case I got called in), everything was indoor on the treadmill but things are cooling down next week and I’m planning at least two of my runs outside, if not all of them. I did get in some push-ups and planks, as well as stretching after each workout so that was a definite improvement! With the stretching and the treadmill runs, my feet didn’t really bother me much at all this week which is nice since I have some trouble with plantar fasciitis and was worried about the extra time on my feet at work all week plus running. I got new OrthoHeel inserts which are helping things out, in addition to the stretching.

For cross-training, I played Walk It Out on the Wii with my husband for an hour one night. I forgot what a fun way it was to get some activity in! I need to add “Get Your Freak On” to my running playlist, given how fast I was trotting along to it during the game. I went for a walk outside Saturday night for the second set of cross training. It is really hard to hold back from running when I try to go for a walk, which is just a little funny to me, thinking back to how different things were a year ago. I did enjoy looking at the stars and marveled at how much longer and quicker my walking stride is, even without pushing it, now that I run regularly. I finished 2.5 miles in 45 minutes, much faster than my old 3 mph walking pace for workouts.

Next week, I’m stepping up to 5 miles. It’s hard to believe the 10K is coming up so soon! I’m going to do my long run outside in a local park Tuesday morning and I signed up for a local 5K (The Midnight Run) for my 3 mile run for the week on Friday night. Somewhere in between, I’ll fit in two cross training sessions and a 2 mile run. I’ve had to plan on doing the long run early in the week because of that Friday/Saturday 5K, which definitely throws off any plans for weekend runs.

One thing I’ve been working on this week is avoiding late night snacking. A big part of weight gain came from binge eating and as I lost weight, I’ve sort of replaced mindless eating of junk food with mindless eating of fruit. I can seriously eat an entire watermelon in a day, pounds of grapes, that kind of thing. I need to get out of that habit, so this week I determined that I would not eat any fruit after dinner. My dessert and late night snacks were things like yogurt or PB2 with deli pop crackers, things I had to track with points. Having points to track kept my portions in control and I have found my weight easing its way back down from the few pounds I’d gained since hitting Lifetime status. It felt good to be back in range when I weighed in at Weight Watchers this morning. I still eat tons of fruit during the day, but keeping it to the day time and away from the late night mindless snacking helps a lot. I need to learn different ways to deal with that munching – weight loss is seriously a lifelong mental struggle. I’ll get there.

Now time to turn in my weekly mileage to our local running store (RedDirt Running). They’re doing a matching donation to a local charity for everyone training for one of the Omaha Marathon weekend events, which I think is great. I feel like a real runner having training mileage to turn in, even if it is only (ha “only”) 16.32 miles for the week.

I did just realize that according to my training spreadsheet, I’m almost at 100 miles since I started officially training (7/8/13). That is exciting! That 100th mile is going to rock! I’m tempted to put in an extra workout just to get there today!!!

Running inspiration from the Rock n' Roll Marathon Series

Running inspiration from the Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series

Thanks to a classmate who sent this via Facebook this week for inspiration along my 10K training plan! Totally true!


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