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Weigh in rituals?

on August 31, 2013
Starting the week on Saturday morning

Starting the week on Saturday morning

 I find that “0” in the activity box really motivates me to get moving on the weekend! (My weigh in this morning was 165.4, within my target range. Yay!)

Even on Lifetime, where I am not weighing in each week, I find myself observing same rituals I’ve followed for the last 13 months before my Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting. I wake up, get dressed in the lightest weather appropriate clothes I have (no jewelry or watch or anything) and weigh myself without my shoes on, just so I know what to expect when I get to WW. Thankfully, my scale has been very consistent – always 0.2-0.5 pounds above what I see at the WW center. I assemble my breakfast (steel cut oats prepped overnight, instructions below, with blueberries, cinnamon and vanilla stirred in; a couple of cups of fresh fruit; Splenda and sugar free hazelnut creamer in a little plastic container to stir into my coffee after I pick it up at Starbucks). I always stop at the Starbucks near the WW center to get coffee, not that I’ll drink any of before weighing in. Who would want that variable, right? I used to reward myself for being out on Saturday morning with a latte, but my lactose intolerance has progressed to the point that it is no longer an option. I need to try a soy latte out, but it honestly doesn’t sound that appetizing, so for now it is regular coffee but the Starbucks cup still feels like a bit of a reward.


After I get my breakfast set up in my seat in the WW center, I go weigh in (shoes off of course!) and then settle in to read my email and the weekly flyer while I eat breakfast. I find it funny that even now that I don’t weigh in every week, I still dress light and don’t eat or drink anything until I have checked in at the WW desk. It’s a very ingrained habit after lots and lots of Saturday mornings.

The rare weekends that haven’t started this way always feel a little off. It’s very centering to start the week, having this routine first thing. It makes it much easier to haul myself out of bed so early on Saturday, knowing how much better I feel starting things off this way. Sunrises like this help too: 

Saturday morning sunrise on the way to Weight Watchers

Saturday morning sunrise on the way to Weight Watchers

What are your weigh in rituals?

Oh, the overnight steel cut oats: I really prefer the texture of steel cut oats to instant or quick cooking oats, but who has that kind of time? I did some prowling on the internet and came across a few different options, including the slow cooker (don’t need that much oatmeal!), soaking overnight without ever heating (too chewy for me-didn’t hit that oatmeal “comfort” vibe) and finally settled on this sort of par-cooking approach (makes about 3 cups; 4 points plus per cup):

3/4 c steel cut oats

3 c water

Bring to a boil for 1 minute. Turn off and remove from heat. Cover and leave sitting at room temperature overnight (I just move it to another eye on the stove). The oats soak up the water nicely overnight. In the morning, I put a cup of the oats into my plastic container with blueberries and cinnamon (maybe a little Splenda, depending on the day) and microwave for 2 minutes. After they come out of the microwave, I stir in a little vanilla and take the whole thing with me to my WW meeting. By the time I arrive (about 5-10 minutes), it is still warm and has that great oatmeal texture without having to cook it for 30 minutes first thing in the morning. I’ve used the frozen cherry berry blend from Trader Joe’s instead of blueberries and have also tried bananas with 1/2 tbsp PB2 – all fantastic and all just 4 points. My husband and toddler eat the rest of the oatmeal when they get up, but it does keep well in the fridge if you wanted to pack up the leftovers in the morning to use another day.


3 responses to “Weigh in rituals?

  1. leannenalani says:

    Thanks for the oatmeal idea. It’s a useful technique to prep ahead for mornings! There never is time to eat breakfast before work so it’s always grab and go.
    I have weigh in rituals but I only weigh in at home. It always has to be the same time, in the mornings before eating or drinking anything. I used to weigh in every single day but it tends to determine my mood for the day so now I just step on every once and a while. Once or twice a week usually. I’m not trying to lose any weight, though, so expecting to see a lower number than last time is an unrealistic expectation that I place on myself because it’s what I became used to when I was losing weight.

  2. […] I’ve also done waffles with PB2 and bananas and overnight steel cut oats (see those instructions here) with berries. If I have more time in the mornings, I love doing scrambles with loads of veggies or […]

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