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Throw out the fat clothes!

on August 30, 2013

Last week, my Weight Watchers leader asked me if I would speak as part of a “Success Stories” session in September. I’m happy to share about my journey if it would help others, especially since I remember feeling overwhelmed at the thought of losing over 100 pounds myself before I found other people who’d done it.  She gave me a list of things to talk about, many of which I’ve discussed here, like why I lost weight, what things I find helpful, etc. She also asked me to bring before pictures and old clothes to help really demonstrate how much I’ve changed. Old pictures I have and can certainly bring in, but I didn’t keep any of my “fat” clothes and I’m glad I didn’t.

Along the way, I gave myself non-food rewards for reaching weight milestones. These included things like earrings, a facial, a pedicure, etc. For my 50 pound celebration, I spent a couple of hours going through my closet and getting rid of everything that was too big. At 50 pounds down, I was finally ready to make the promise to myself (and the gift to Goodwill!) that I would not go back into those size 20 clothes. I gathered 10 bags of clothes that day and sent them out of my house. It was scary to get rid of that safety net, but I needed to demonstrate to myself in a concrete way that I was not going back.

I actually didn’t buy new clothes until I was 40 pounds down, both because I was wearing my old clothes too tight (I was really at least a size 22 and stretching my size 20 clothes to the max) and because I was self-conscious about wearing clothes that actually fit my new body. Now, I love buying new clothes to fit my new body although I’m still trying to figure out exactly what works.

All this is lovely and yay for me for believing in myself, but what am I supposed to show people at Weight Watchers? The only piece of my old clothes that I’ve kept is my wedding dress. A) That’s a little cumbersome to haul into Weight Watchers on a Saturday morning and B) I don’t emotionally want to show that dress in a negative light, because it is part of such a beautiful day in my life.

I did think of one other thing though. I can remember waking up one morning and wanting to do the sexy-woman-from-the-movies thing, where she casually puts on the man’s button down shirt to go make breakfast. Always so very gorgeous in the movies, right? My husband is 6 feet tall and not a small guy, so I thought I would pull that off one morning and picked his shirt up from the floor to wear out of the room. I was embarrassed and saddened to realize that it didn’t come anywhere close to closing around me. It was a very unfeminine feeling. 😦

I grabbed one of his shirts this week to see what things look like now. It more than wraps around me today!

Wow do things fit diffWow do things fit differently!erently!

Wow do things fit differently!

While I don’t have my own clothes, I do think I have a way now to demonstrate how much things have changed. I also have a picture I’ll bring in of me wearing a pair of my old size clothes over my workout gear from a day a month or so ago when I stopped in Gordman’s on a whim.

Tried on my old pants size on a whim!

I’m a huge advocate of getting rid of the safety net of your old clothes, but maybe keep one thing for your success pictures. 🙂


4 responses to “Throw out the fat clothes!

  1. jennafrey says:

    I’m the same. I’ve gotten rid of all my “big” clothes as I’ve lost the weight but I still have one dress that I was photographed in last summer. I put it on sometimes to remind myself of how far I’ve come and it is amazing to see the difference!

    • I should have kept at least one thing. I was just so amazed and excited to get out of those clothes! Now I’ve spent way too much money on new clothes to ever go back. Shopping is a lot more fun now!

  2. leannenalani says:

    I think the people listening to your story at WW will find you an excellent role model and feel inspired/motivated just hearing your story. 🙂
    That’s a lot of clothes to get rid of! Do you know if Good Will comes and picks stuff up at your house? I still have all my old clothes, but they’re thrown in the corner of the guest bedroom and there’s no way I can haul it all out in one go. haha

    • Thanks! I hope it helps someone. I know other people will pick up clothes at the house, but I don’t know about Goodwill specifically. It never hurts to ask! Thankfully, our Goodwill center is very user friendly – it has a drive through for drop offs so I don’t even have to go into the store and can leave a sleeping toddler in the car!

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