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Weight Loss Wednesday: Non-scale victories

on August 28, 2013

Since I’m using this blog as a way to stay on track both with my training plan for the 10K and half marathon and with my weight maintenance, I thought it would be good to have one day to really think about the weight loss part of it so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Wednesday seems like a good time for that because of A) the nifty alliteration and B) Wednesday is Free Pie day, which is crucial to my weight loss success! Having a regularly scheduled indulgence like a piece of free pie (free pie has fewer calories, right?) makes it so much easier to stay on track through the week!

Today, I wanted to focus on non-scale victories (NSVs). These have been crucial to my mental well-being throughout the weight loss process and will be even more crucial going forward, now that I no longer get the reward of seeing the scale go down. I hadn’t really thought about non-scale victories until the lovely ladies, and one lovely lady in particular (Judy), on the Weight Watchers 100+ pounds to lose message board (community.weightwatchers.com, a great resource you don’t have to be a WW member to use) brought them up again and again. Judy would have a post each night asking for everyone to list their NSVs for the day, which was a lovely way to make us take notice of all of the kind things we were doing for ourselves and all of the little positive changes that were occurring, beyond a number on the scale. It really helped to keep things in perspective, particularly on weeks when the scale didn’t cooperate even though I’d done everything right. Taking note of non-scale victories really helps me to appreciate that this journey is about my overall health and well-being more than just a number on the scale.

Some of my favorite non-scale victories:

1. The first time on an airplane after I started to lose weight was a revelation! While airplane travel is not a truly comfortable experience, it was so much better when I didn’t completely fill (and over-fill) my seat.

2. The first time I had go around my grocery cart while it was in the checkout lane and realized I could now fit between the cart and the next lane without having to pull the cart back out of the lane in order to go around (if you’ve never had to do this, you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about, but I was stunned when I realized what I’d just done).

3. The first time I was able to buy non-plus size clothes was huge. The day I was in the J Crew dressing room and realized I was a size 6, I wanted to cry (Easter weekend, 2013 – my husband was getting concerned at how long it took me to come out). I’m still stunned that I wear a small or medium (although interestingly, I still have an “overweight” BMI which says something screwy about either BMI or US clothing sizes or both).

4. Being able to zip up the boots my mom bought me for Christmas over my calves: Prior to losing weight, even the wide calf boots came nowhere near zipping on my calves, which was so very depressing. Now I can’t wait for fall so I can start wearing them again!

5. Being able to wrap a towel at the gym or hotel around my body without it gaping: Prior to losing weight, we had to use all bath sheets at home because that was the only thing would go around me and towels anywhere else didn’t come anywhere near covering me.

6. Going up stairs is so much easier now that I’m not hauling as much weight and have better cardiovascular fitness, although thanks to years of too much load bearing, you can still hears my knees creak and groan as I go up and down.

7. Jewelry fits differently: I’ve been able to take the extenders out of my necklaces, links out of my watch and I’m currently wearing my wedding ring on my middle finger because it is too loose on my ring finger. I will probably get it re-sized eventually, but this is secure for now and my husband is okay with it unless I start getting hit on a lot. 🙂


There have been lots of little moments that have happened along this journey that have helped me to remember that the gains I’m making are so much more than just the losses on the scale. As I move through maintenance, I hope I’ll keep appreciating these little nuggets to remind myself that this is a journey I’m continuing, not a destination I’ve already reached.


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