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on August 26, 2013
March 2013

March 2013 – Color Me Radd in Jackson Mississippi

One year ago today, I went for my first run.

My DH and son had gone out to Lowe’s on a “guy errand” one morning and I decided to get my workout for the day in while they were gone. Instead of my usual walk, for some reason I decided to try one of the Couch to 5K apps and see if how bad it would be. I couldn’t really imagine running at 250 plus pounds, but I was feeling brave that morning. After the first interval beeped, I was amazed that I’d managed to jog 30 seconds without dying! I’m sure it was slow and not attractive to watch, but I’d done it. I managed to finish most of the other intervals for that workout and was a red faced sweaty mess when I got back to my house, but the feeling of accomplishment I’d felt was beyond anything I’d ever experienced a workout. I felt like a rock star! I still feel like a rock star every time I finish a run, which I suspect is what keeps me coming back for more and helps me forget that first five minutes of every run where I hate it!

I was never very religious about following the three workouts a week prescribed by the C25K plan, but I did eventually get through them all, running at least once every week and repeating lots of the workouts where I needed it. I got brave enough to try out a treadmill for the first time (I was terrified of falling off and making a fool of myself) and to join the gym near my son’s daycare so I’d have somewhere to run when Omaha’s winters hit. I was so incredibly slow but I was technically jogging (even if it was only about 4 mph!). I still remember the first time I actually finished 20 minutes of running without a walk break. I decided to sign up for the 5K my gym sponsored for New Year’s Day and have run a few times a week ever since.

I’ve done three 5K’s so far, although I’ve walked for parts of all of them and would really like to get one under my belt where I ran the whole thing, just to prove to myself that I can. I’ve run on sidewalks, in parks, on a mountain, on a tropical island (Castaway Cay 5K!) and on a cruise ship and loved it all. I can’t wait for my 10K in a few weeks (my first race with a time chip!) and the Princess Half Marathon in February! I’m actually running with a training plan now, which just seems crazy when I think about where I was a year ago.

I still love the feeling of accomplishment I get at every run. I really feel like a super hero and am in awe of what my body can do now that I’m treating it with the respect it deserves!

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