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Weekly wrap up: Runs, Disney ADRs and first run in a Sparkle Skirt!

on August 25, 2013

Today has gotten off to a great, if very early, start. Today is my 180 day mark for our Disney trip for the Princess Half Marathon (I’m arriving Thursday oops! Friday! Husband pointed out that I was trying to give myself an extra day of vacation at Disney!), so I woke up early to make our Disney dining reservations. This was my first time doing all of the dining booking ourselves. For prior trips, we’ve had the travel agent handle it but since she’s been a little flaky this trip, I decided to do it myself. It wasn’t bad at all and I’ll probably put together a post about it later since I noticed some things I wish I’d known about before I got into the system. I did get everything we wanted (including Be Our Guest!) so I’m a happy girl.

For this week’s workouts, I had runs of 2 miles, 3 miles and 4.5 miles on the list. I feel like they all went really well! After last week, I had a goal of improving my consistency with both stretching and outside runs. Because of schedules this week (both my husband and I had lots of after work things requiring lots of shuffling for child care), I ended up doing two runs on the treadmill in the gym but really pushed my pace for both of them, finishing the two miles in 22 minutes and 4.5 miles in 51 minutes. I’ve been good about stretching though, including doing some plantar fascia stretches while I’m sitting here typing since I know my plantar fasciitis is going to flare up after running on a hard surface this morning.

I did my 3 mile run this morning outside in my neighborhood since I was already up early. It is nice to have finished my workout for the day before everyone else in my house is up! My neighborhood is hilly (nothing too big, but not a lot of flat stretches either) and a good chance to get some road/sidewalk running to get my legs used to that surface. It was my first run in my new SparkleSkirt and I have to say, I’m in love! It did not budge a bit and while the rest of me looked like a hot sweaty mess after the run, the skirt still looked super cute. I may need more of these!

My first Sparkle Skirt run - love it!

My first Sparkle Skirt run – love it!

It was already nice and humid this morning and I felt like I was going so slow! I ended up taking a several 30 second walk breaks, which I did not have to do last time I ran in my neighborhood. To my surprise, according to the GPS I finished my 3 miles in a little over 37 minutes! That’s over 10 minutes faster than last time I did 3 miles in the neighborhood, jogging the whole time. It is really true that sometimes a little walk break helps your pace overall apparently. I may need to consider factoring that in a little in my training and try one of those Galloway apps or other interval timer.

For cross training, I did 60 minutes walking Tuesday and 40 minutes on the stationary bike yesterday. I also did some push ups and planks this morning and squats and lunges while waiting for something earlier this week, which is at least a little strength training right? Definitely need to improve my consistency for that.

I’m on call at work next week and for Labor Day weekend, so my plan for next week was just to repeat this week’s training plan in case I couldn’t get all of the runs in. My next step up in miles will come the following week. I do hope I can get my runs in this week, but I never know what work will be like. I do know I’ll be doing almost all of those runs inside this week given the heat:


Yikes! I really hope this settles down soon since I have a 5K on 9/6 (the Midnight Run) and my 10K on 9/22, both here in Omaha. I’m hoping this is just a last hurrah of summer weather after a relatively mild summer. Here’s hoping for a cool and lovely Midwest September! Have a great Sunday!


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