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Cooking for your family when not everyone is counting calories

on August 17, 2013

While we are all eating healthier, my husband likes to have some non-Weight Watchers options with dinner and sometimes it is easier for me track my food if I’m not having to use the recipe builder and divide out an entire recipe. Here are some of the tricks I use to make that easier!

1. Individual portions: We do this a lot with foil/parchment packets or individual casserole dishes (a little more work in that they’re extra dish washing, but good for casseroles and a nice presentation option). I can measure and track exactly what goes in mine and just eyeball his or add any of the pointier extras he may like.

We did this tonight for Mexican chicken casserole. It was easy to use the scale and just keep track of what I was adding to my bowl, plus he could have the loads of cheese he wanted in his!


This individualized approach also works well with little pizzas (we use sandwich thins or the little individual pre made crusts for crusts, but tortillas, English muffins or pitas would also work), tacos, or quesadillas. It is also great if you have kids who are more likely to eat healthy food if they have a little control and customization.

2. Healthy lean protein with a variety of side choices: We tend to have one veggie every eats, a quick one for me (something quick and easy roasted, like broccoli or butternut squash) and something grain/carby for my son and husband. Frozen quinoa or brown rice works well for small portions, or the individual Mac and cheese cups. Potatoes that roast at the same time and temp as my veggie are also easy.

3. Tasty healthy food that everyone will eat! Believe it or not, it does exist! I’ve had lots of success with recipes from Cooking Light and http://www.skinnytaste.com. Asian stir fries are also healthy crowd pleasers in my house. I’ll highlight and review some of those as they come up in our rotation.

4. Regularly scheduled splurges: We always eat at Village Inn Wednesday for the free pie. 🙂 In addition to pie, that is my husband’s chance to get fries and burgers if he wants. He also eats lunch out every Wednesday instead of packing it. Having a couple of regularly occurring “splurges” during the week makes it easier to accept healthier choices at home. (Knowing I have pie coming Wednesday also makes it easier for me to say no to cookies that show up unexpectedly at work sometimes!)

Trying to meet everyone in your family’s needs and likes is always a challenge, but these things have kept me from eating frozen dinners while the rest of my family eats something totally different.

Anyone else have any ideas?


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