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Weekly run recap

on August 16, 2013

My training plan is a slightly modified version of the Galloway plan, stretched a little because a) I have plenty of time and b) I know there are some weeks where work will make it hard to get all of the runs, so I have planned to repeat those weeks just in case I don’t get to them. I keep track of it in a spreadsheet in Google docs, so I can update it on the go on the iPhone/iPad or at my computer.

This week, the plan was for:
3 mile run: Done late Monday night in my neighborhood, so lots of sidewalk/asphalt and some hills. I was disappointed at my pace (4.5 mph) but given that it was after 830 on a humid August night and I ran the whole thing without a walk break,mi think my husband is right: I’m a rock star!

Unfortunately, the hard surface running led to some serious hobbling and plantar fascia pain when I got out of bed Tuesday morning!

2 mile run: Done at 530 Wednesday morning so I could get it done before my son woke up. It was his birthday and I wanted to finish up so I could spend the whole day just with him. This felt much better than the night run and went a lot faster (5 mph). Still hills and concrete to deal with but I did some calf/foot stretching after and didn’t have as much plantar fascia pain the next morning.

4 mile run: Given the two runs on hard surfaces earlier in the week, I decided to do this one on the treadmill to give my foot a break. Next week’s long run definitely needs to be on the track though! I need to get used to long runs on a harder surface for sure. I did 5-5.1 mph and 0.5% incline. I felt like I worked hard (and definitely sweated a ton!) but could have gone longer, which is good since I need to be up to 6 miles by September 22! I do love the way I feel after finishing the long run for the week.


I need two cross training workouts: 50 minutes (done Tuesday – walking on campus at work, which was nicely hilly) and 35 minutes, to be done Sunday.

It’s been a good week, but I need to be more consistent about warmup and cool down (skipped on both short runs this week), stretching my calves/feet and working in some strength training. Those are definitely attainable goals for next week.

Good luck with your own training this week!


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